Pod catamaran rocker?

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by ChrisZ, Jul 23, 2019.

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    Wow. You are either a troll or a failure as a human being, or you got hacked....

    Trying to help you, for free, and that's your response ?
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    He was "off his rocker" :eek:
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    ChrisZ: "Does anyone have any links that discuss the rocker of a catamaran?"

    Please scroll down to HULL LINES: Features https://www.f-boat.com/pages/introduction/features.html

    All what you can read here of Farrier Trimarans is also for his Catamarans:
    "HULL LINES: The hull underwater sections begin with a very fine entry, flowing back to a U-type midsection, followed by a broad flat run aft. Rocker is kept to an absolute minimum for less drag and to encourage early planing. This unique feature was pioneered by the F-27 trimaran and is now standard with all F-SeriesĀ® trimarans, and similar lines are now being used with catamarans." Catamarans https://www.f-boat.com/pages/catamarans/

    Very interesting feature:
    "At high speed, the trimaran main hull planes early due to the low rocker, while the swept up aft section generates negative lift, which can actually lift the bow well out of the water. As a result, Farrier multihulls are very resistant to bow burying."
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