pocket cruiser modifications?

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by rapscallion, Jan 10, 2007.

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    I was thinking about modifying an existing lower performance cruiser for club racing. I want a boat with a nice cabin and ok sailing characteristics. It would be for an inland lake with some shallow areas so draft is an issue.

    I was thinking about starting with a fixed keel hunter 22, (cheap) and fitting a retractable bulb keel with a 5' draft. I think this should save me almost 800lbs of ballast when compairing this configuration with the swing keel model. I also wanted to shave off some more weight by opening up the transom. Then I wanted to add a foot or two to the waterline, and move the backstay back so I can get more roach on the main and start using a non overlapping jib at the proper 7 degree sheeting angle. With the mast head rig fitting a mast head asym on a sprit should also work.

    My question is what kind of performance could be expected? How would I estimate that boat's performance?
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    Not to burst your bubble or anything but you are talking about major messing with the centers on this boat. You should talk to a naval Architect or yacht designer about your modifications. You could end up with a totally uncontrollable boat, with either too much weather helm or a lee helm, along with structural issues.

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