Plywood alternative to building sailboat interior furnishings

Discussion in 'Materials' started by wesley Sherman, Dec 2, 2020.

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    Take a look at what the above supplier has to offer. 4x8' sheets with 13mm core and face layups on both sides for $172/sheet (qty 1). The listing does not have the specification for the face laminate, but I know they are quite responsive to questions. They have panels with veneer on the surface too if one wants it to look like wood. This store is considerably cheaper than most other places that make panels.
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    Menards has 4' X 8' X 1/2" MDO both sides for $60. Theee is a successful catamaran built using MDO for hulls, keep in my its completely different from MDF
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    MDO makes for very nice plywood, but dont think for a second there is going to be an ounce of weight saved.....
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    In my humble opinion and I believe myself to always be an impartial judge on such matter. Wood is lightweight, a renewable resource, warm to the touch, can be easily made into a wide range of shapes & colors. Oh did I mention it floats.
    In my research methodology, data collection, and foregone conclusion, I have decided not to list any of woods negative attribute here for obvious reasons.
    Last but not least and with all of the empirical evidence gathered here in. "If God wanted us to build boats out of fiberglass he would have made fiberglass trees"
    Howland Woodworks
    May you find joy in all of your endeverious.
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    Painting teak,, that's close to crossing the line into heresy.:eek::rolleyes:

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    Check out YouTube “Onboard Lifestyle “ channel. Teal is a perfection craftsman using foam and glass. Just finished a massive hard top Bimini for his big cat and the galley redo earlier is stunning, His planning, techniques etc are carefully thought out to a tee.
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