Plate deployment in Solidworks (Plugin?)

Discussion in 'Software' started by vrank, Oct 26, 2007.

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    vrank New Member

    Hi guys,

    As I've search through the forums, i've read a lot of you guys have a similar problem which i'm running in to! Plate deployment in Solidworks. Currently Solidworks is able to do simple plate deployment, but you have to use sheet metal features! (Or is this improved in the 2008 release?)

    I'm trying to get a deploy from a hull i'm working on. The transom, the deck and the side is what I'm searching for. I'm wondering if any of you guys know a plugin that handles this well.


    (If anyone wonders why Solidworks, i'm an industrial product design student ;) )
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  2. lazeyjack

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    sorry for my lack of English, but do you mean developement? we searched through Solid 2005 and could find nothing
  3. CGN
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    Fast Blank has a plug in for Solidworks and they advertised that it can be used for hull plating development, have a a look maybe it will work, but besides that I don't think is any plug in for that, aerohydro has an add on and can unfold surfaces.
  4. duluthboats
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  5. vrank
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    vrank New Member

    Thanks guys,

    I've requested a demo for both programs, and I'll post the outcomes.

  6. alidesigner
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    alidesigner Senior Member

    You could also have a look at workshop by Formsys. They have a reasonably priced limited version that only does plate development. You will also need Maxsurf but again they have a reasonably priced limited version called Maxsurf/T that is limited to 3 surfaces. I dont know the price of the others but this combination from Formsys may be cheaper.
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