Plas Trend 30 (PT-30 Mk-1)

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    Hello :

    I am looking for any drawings ( line drawings, Sail plan drawings, Brochues, etc..) or current owners of Plans Trend 30 (PT 30 - Mk 1).

    I am a model builder located in Atlanta, GA. I have a client who owned PT 30 back in 70'. But he lost everything ( boat pictures, Trophies, etc..) to Hurricane KATARINA.

    I have been trying to contact Mr. B.Chance (boat designer..) for any information of his design, but I have not been able to contact him...

    I would like to build the half hull model for my client , but I do not have or could not find any drawings for this 40 yrs. old boat. ( a few built at Plas Trend in TX..)

    Would you please let me know, if you know someone who owns or have informations of PT-30 ? I would like to contact the person.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Mas Azuma / Atlanta, GA

    email :
    Cell : (404) 272-7889
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