Plans / frame for Enterprise dinghy

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by crumble, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm involved in a project with a few others, the aim of which is to build a wooden Enterprise.

    Once built, we're racing it in one race next year and then donating to our club.

    We have plenty of building expertise, and wood knowledge etc, and we even have plans. The only problem is that a few pages are missing!

    So, wondering if anyone here has (or knows of someone who may have) plans or frames for building an Enterprise?

    Many thanks!

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    The Class Association, RYA, or ISAF or governing body of the Enterprise Class must be able to supply a new set of plans. Contact them, I think.

    In the Solo Class the RYA can issue a set of plans for a fee. The prints(Solo) were last updated in 1972 so show a pretty old version ie the 1956 one. You need to change quite a lot of the construction details if you want a sound boat. Especially the original c/board case design - total disaster and worse on an ENT. You need to work carefully with the measurement form and redesign it too if you want a fast one.....
    Remember the tolerances allow for genuine build error!. Biggest control upwind is actually the jib sheeting angle restriction of the fairlead position.

    If you want something a bit more exciting design your own National 12 a far superior boat, and a Merlin would be a real challenge.

    I've done a pretty quick Solo just need to sail it better. If you really want a quick one (Ent) contact me through this forum. It might take quite a long time going through the options, but if you have the measurement points off a quick one that would save a lot of time.
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