PK 8 METER SLOOP The Rebirth

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by se wright, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. se wright
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    se wright Junior Member

    Starting this new trend to see if i can take what i downloaded before the site went down
    And come up with enough plans to build this very pretty boat. This design reminds me of the 8 meter Yucca sailing in the San Fran area
    What i have is listed below
    Hull lines
    Deck lines
    Deck plan
    Half frames
    Full frames
    Needless to say i need help. TANSL has offered to try to come up with offsets from the line drawing ( thank you, thank you and thank you). Any help or insight will be welcome
  2. se wright
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    se wright Junior Member

    the rebirth

    Pk listed that the hull to be 28mm of douglas fir but nothing on how many layers and what thickness any ideas?

    Also frames could be built from ponderosa pine or radiata. Fine if your on the US west coast . I live in flor
  3. bregalad
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    Let's see:
    Strip planked 3/4" (19mm) + 3 layers of 1/8" (3mm). Two diagonal layers and the outer layer longitudinal.
    Whether or not that's the original spec. it comes in at ~ the same weight and is very strong. The two diagonal layers could be western red cedar if you wanted to save some weight.

    Neither ponderosa pine or radiata have any special properties. I assume they are laminated. Lot's of other woods could be substituted. Doug. fir or decent yellow pine should be available in your area.

  4. PAR
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    Anyone suggesting ponderosa pine for frames, clearly hasn't much experience with the species or working up scantlings. Radiata isn't a very good choice either. It's brittle, doesn't bend well, is nearly always faam raised as a hybrid, so it's fast growing and weak for it's weight. It does hold fasteners fairly well and machines and accepts paint well too. It's best use is in plywood, in regard to boat building. Ponderosa has very few uses on a boat, except as trim around a cup holder. Even at this, it's rot resistance is less than balsa, so you better encapsulate it.
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