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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by blacklab, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Just a quick note to introduce myself and to complement both those who operate this forum and the users participating - great site.

    My name is Jay Perrotta and I am President and Owner of Black Lab Marine, Inc. here in Yarmouth, Maine. We currently sell Pacific Boats which are made in Marysville, WA. These are all-welded, marine-grade aluminum center console boats aimed primarily at the serious fishing market. We are looking to design/build a premium line of welded aluminum center consoles again focused on offshore east coast fishermen.

    I'm working with a boat designer in Massachusetts to design a new offering for our company and thought that using the knowledge base represented by this forum would be a good filter for the ongoing work.

    As the boat's design and end product will be a commercial enterprise I thought I should check and see what is appropriate for this forum - I would not want to be seen as conducting business or marketing through my posts - this is not my goal. Any input into what sort of posting is appropriate would be welcomed.

    Lastly a technical question. I have the boat as currently designed in a .pdf format and could use any help in posting such an image for review/inspection.

    I thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

  2. CDBarry
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    A local retired loftsman here in Baltimore just built an aluminum 28' center console based on a Ports and Waterways security boat designed for the Coast Guard, but never built. If you are interested, you may want to talk to him or look at the boat.

    Let mke know if you are interested. There is also a Yahoo group, tinboats, looking at various aspects of metal production boatbuilding.
  3. bigshrimpin
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    bigshrimpin New Member

    Jay - I can help you get the .pdf image converted to .jpg and get it up on the page. Just send me the .pdf -

  4. blacklab
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    blacklab Junior Member


    CDBarry - I'd enjoy getting in contact with the gent from baltimore - either of you can contact me at:

    800-650-0144 or


    Bigshrimpin - I emailed you the .pdf plans of the boat in plan and profile - would you be kind enough to email me back the same file but in .jpg form. Thanks!
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