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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by jefflee2k, Sep 26, 2010.

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    I am sure that I am missing the obvious, but why couldn't you use a set of aluminum pontoons to recreate a bigger metal version of one of these inflatable catamarans?

    The inflatable versions originated as surf rescue craft in South Africa, and have become popular racing sport boats. I have a Rigid inflatable that is a lot of fun. And while repairing holes or tears in the tubes is fairly straight foward, build a set of tubes from scratch is beyond the ability of mere mortals.

    Aluminum would obviously weigh more, but how would it affect performance otherwise. Traditional pontoon boats are not great in rough water. How would this configuration compare?
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    Nevermind. I suffer from insomnia, and thought I could cure it with a cuple of beers last night. Not the most intelligent post, I have to admit. But it did get me thinking about a project along these lines:

    1. Recycle the aluminum in the pontoons. Save tha planet, and rid the world of one less tin can raft.
    2. Cunstruct a tri from two old Hobie or G Cats. Use a 20 foot "unimaran" in the center, and have two smaller 18' foot hulls offset on the outside, with the larger hull providing the leading edge. Hopefully, the smaller outer hulls wood ride up out of the water some.
    3. It would require some cutting and glassing to get the hulls to plane. Add a pad to the bottom of each?

    Does this sound more sound, or am I going to have another "what was I thinking" epiphany when my hangover goes away?
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    Recycled Hulls

    I like your idea of using the G-Cat hulls. They do not need a daggerboard and are easy to come by. Here is one that I am now sailing.

    How about using a Hobie 18 cat for the center, and simply folding out the G-Cat hulls? Greater load carrying capacity and same footprint.

    Lane in Austin

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    I am not sure an aluminum pontoon is heavier than an inflatable. Also, because it is more rigid, the performance will be better.

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    Check these boats out

    Catamaran Coaches Inc. built in bradenton fl Fast with shallow draft

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