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Discussion in 'Materials' started by Roly, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Charly
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    Charly Senior Member

    Good luck Yellowjacket!

    hope you are able to post some pics
  2. skyking1
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    Par, I have not found the 10 mil stuff on a roll, could you give me a product name to search for? 10 mil sounds perfect.
    I will be trying this out on my next layup.
  3. Pylasteki
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    Pylasteki Junior Member

    Does the mylar/polyester sheet work on thicker cloths like 12 and 17 ounce biax, or is it only good for 6 and 10 ounce woven cloth?

  4. Yellowjacket
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    Yellowjacket Senior Member

    If you are using in on final layers of anything it will be better than not using it. The heavier the cloth, the more it tends to "stand up" when wetted out. the plastic seems to result in a more "compressed" layup that uses less resin.

    On heavy intermediate layers I don't know if it is better or not, I haven't used it for that.

  5. rwatson
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    yes - thats right.

    basically, it will 'flatten' any size weave, but with the thicker weaves you are going to have a lot more resin used just to level out the surface.

    Unless you need a flat mirror finish, peeply produces a less resin heavy finish, but not as flat or shiny.

    Also, if your Mylar has been wrinkled, putting a heavy flat object over it will reduce the sanding needed, caused by the resin standing up under he wrinkles.

    I wonder if you can successfully iron out wrinkles in Mylar like peelply?
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