Patterson 21' Trimaran Plans

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by redreuben, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Dan Williams ~ just sent you a direct email


    I received notice that my email to you has been returned.

    Do you have your account set up that way?

  2. redreuben
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    redreuben redreuben

    News from John Patterson;
    Unfortunately John does not have a copy of the plan close to hand, it appears they are stored at his brothers house in a trailer under a metre of snow ! So it will be a few months till they are accessible is my guess. He did say however if a set turns up on the internet feel free to build it. Patience.
  3. s/v JESTER
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    Great news redreuben! Please keep us posted, AJ
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    Dan Williams Owner Wa'a Kaulua LLC

    Have you tried Johns site and contact info?
    I haven't seen John since he launched "Buddy" Yup, I was there in Traverse City, Mi for that. I've sailed on Miss Marie and Kinetics.
    Kinetics was way out of left field in her time. very different from every boat I've seen up to that point. She was for racing and going very fast.

    Attached are two photos of the 28' tri port side centerhull laying on her side and the starboard side upright with the two ama's stored overhead. The boat has been finished enough to go sailing a few times but is far from being finished. I drew up the center hull on Autocad (copied Johns Kinetics center hull but shrunk her down to 28' from 33' and added headroom in the hull. My brother owns the boat and barn and my dad built her except for a couple of times I could visit and work many hours in two or three days at a time as I don't live in Michigan anymore. I got smart and moved to Hawaii where it's warm

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    I believe this picture shows the aft cabin:


    The forward cabin has a small area between the cockpit (white) and the berth top, which is clearly missing in this picture - so it must be the aft cabin...

    - Jon
  6. Tom.151
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    That is the aft cabin.
    The fwd cabin entry/companionway is off center as the mast is mounted on that bulkhead.
    There was a link on this thread with 25 pictures... here you go

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    Hmmm, summer slowly approching. Might you contact him again?


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