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    Dear designers.

    I need following one paper urgently. I know it's not good to get it without paying, but If anyone did have this paper or knew where to download. Pls email to me. Many thanks.
    It's in Journal of "Marine Technology", publisher is SNAME

    Title: Optimized Design of Small Craft
    Author(s): M. Majumder ; A. Akintürk ; S. M. Çalial
    Source: Marine Technology Volume: 39 Number: 2 Page: 67 -- 76
    Publisher: S.N.A.M.E.
    Abstract: The preliminary design of a small craft can be computerized by a formulation based on optimization, and new design nodes such as crew safety or acceleration levels can be included in the preliminary design (Akinturk 1997). In addition, it is shown that an integrated technical computing environment, such as MATLAB, can be used for the preliminary small craft design, and ergonomic criteria can be included in the design process. This design process, referred to in the text as ''MATSHIP,'' can be easily implemented in design offices. In addition to the preliminary design parameters, which MATSHIP calculates, it obtains a new operational parameter for the permissible ship speed in a sea state for a set ceiling level of crew safety.

    Many Many thanks. My email:
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