painting VE over Poly to seal inside tank?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Jgfmobile, Mar 31, 2021.

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    Im going to VE layup the rest and let it set, then heat up with propane heater that night for 5 hrs. Or maybe the next day. Within 24 hrs. Then, as long as it has fairly cured, i will water/ degreaser/ hot water wash and then acetone wipe and then also wet the tank with a sprayer where im then applying the 2000e. I will apply greater than an ounce per square foot of 2000e.

    If there are bubbles down deep, which there are, because the VE and 2000e are acid resistant, and also will barely pass water, the bubbles acid osmosis won't and cant affect the layup.

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    Heat won't cure it. Time will eventually do it, but I doubt you want to wait at least a year. Just go back to the place you bought the resin from and buy a small bottle of wax additive, it's cheap.

    Seeing your pictures, my advice is to return the VE resin and the 2000e (or put them on Craigslist) and use the money to buy a gallon of epoxy and some plain woven fabric, then go over the whole tank with it until you used it all up. Raka, Inc. 772-489-4070, Epoxy-Fiberglass-Carbon-Kevlar is up your alley and cheap.
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    The VE and 2000 are incompatible if the VE isn't fully cured.

    You are mixing and matching stuff that isn't helping you in any way, this is complicating everything you're trying to do.

    Since you only have two layers of half of something, use the VE and add another layer with no defects, put a layer of waxed VE over that and you're done.

    Skip the 2000 completely, it's of no value in this build.

    As mentioned, you could put epoxy and glass over it too, but you already have the VE.

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    Thanks for finally posting pictures.
    I now fully understand your fear of leaks, the interior structural parts and pipes almost guarantee that, on top of a questionable laminate schedule and lamination quality.
    How about a tank liner, or a drum fitted into the space instead?
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