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    anotherhassel New Member

    I was wondering what kind of paint to use on the hull of my boat. It is a use fiberglass hull. Should I awlgrip,imron,or interlux. The paint (no matter what kind) will be sprayed. Please advise thanx
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    There are some options which are commonly used in the marine industry.In our company we are using awlgrip but you can also use Jotun or International (which is the best but the highest in price)
  3. Frosty

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    What?--say again,-- Sorry but it looks as though you are saying Jotun and International is better than Awlgrip, but more expnsive.

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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    If you are cruising a good brush paint that can be repaired after a hassle is best.

    Paint sells da boat , so use the pricey stuff before you want to dump it.

    International TOPLAC is probably the finest brushable paint made..

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