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Discussion in 'Materials' started by huntermike32, Mar 19, 2006.

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    I would like to paint a boat of mine and i do not want the paint to fade off. I am doing a design on the side. If i were to put a layer of fiberglass over it would i be able to see the painting and still protect it.
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    The paint will normally weather better than resin or gel coat will. It is possible to apply a layer of clear gel coat over the paint, but most of the time the gel coat will attack the paint and create problems. Use a clear coat (paint) over your design, and use good paint.
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    As above.

    The styrene from the resin will mess with most paints. Don't do it.

    What colour do you want? Some colours will fade more than others. Choose white(off white shade) or black. They are best. In fact black is best. Don't choose red.

    If you want a good job, put a clear laquer over the top (not on white, that needs a 50/50 mix).

    Put plenty on.The thicker the paint, the longer it will last. Sorry, no paint is indestructible. (we'll I have actually seen one that pretty much was but it's original gloss wasn't so high - but it kept at that level for 10 years. It was an aerospace coating made from a fluoronated polymer).

    To be honest, you'll do more physical damage than life of most paints. You'll repaint.

    ps Keeps me in work!:)
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