outboard will only start if fuel is squirted into the carb.

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by valvebounce, May 19, 2019.

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    I have a 1999 25hp Johnson,(J25RLEEB)it will only start if I squirt fuel in the carb.
    It will run for a few minutes if I rev it(not in gear)but will then cut out.
    The fuel primer bulb will pump up hard,and the sight glass inline fuel filter fills up.
    I have had the outboard for a while and have only just got round to looking at it.
    It was doing the same thing when I bought it,but I thought with a carb clean and reset it would cure it.
    It has the primer pump instead of a choke,this will flood the carb if given a pump.
    I can't find a diagram on how the pipe setup goes for the primer.One of the pipes on the primer has a brass jet in it,but it only seems to fit in a pipe from the bottom of the carb bowl,(which doesn't look like that is the way it goes)On the side of the primer there is a small(1/8")dia nipple/tube with no pipe on it.I can't find a diagram on how the pipes go.
    The engine has only low hours on it and sounds pretty quiet and tight.
    There is fine brass tube that comes from the carb bowl,up the emulsion tube which has had about 1/16" broken off it at the bottom end where it sits in the bowl.This fine tube is fixed in the middle body of the carb barrel.When I cleaned the carb,I cleaned the tube,and I can see light through it.
    The float level is correct,and the fuel cut off pin is working.
    There is a decent spark on both plug leads.I've got a feeling the previous owner was a bit ham handed.
    I'm hoping that I won't need to put another carb on it.
    On the carb spares lists and diagrams,it doesn't show the fine brass tube.
    One thing I forgot to check was the mixture screw setting,which looks like it is screwed in too far because the spring is completely compressed.I squirted carb cleaner through it,but didn't touch the setting.
    I'm pretty sure it's something simple,but it has got me baffled.
    Any help will be appreciated. "V"
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