Outboard Well vs. Slide for Outboard Mounting?

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by CatBuilder, May 2, 2011.

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    Ed Horstman has outboard wells in some of his designs but after reading his books get the impression they would be his last chorce. rick
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    Another thought. Any vertical lift type bracket, whether it be transom, well, hullside or whatever mount will be more more difficult to make, use and maintain than a sled.

    The brackets on my olde MacGregor were caveman simple but would bind occasionally and there were two of them so I had 2 x the chance of binding and I had to lift two of them. I have seen vertical brackets that used bat car type roller sliders or large genoa track but I have never seen them in actual use. My thoughts are that in these installs binding and bearing failures from abuse and spray and dunking cycles will create a hi maintenence install and frequent problems.

    Sleds are much simpler. One robust hinge across the front and a block and tackle to raise.


  3. AndrewK
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    There are a number of reasons why Alan Carwardine's boat is lighter, it is smaller 12.6 x 6.7m, its not a charter boat or a permanent live aboard so a lower payload is acceptable, and its is built lighter.
    I am guessing that the laminates for the 12.6 are the same as for the 12m, these were 600gsm glass outer and 450gsm inside, the core was only 16mm and there is some carbon in the beams and chain plates.
    Locally some boats are built with only 200gsm kevlar as the inner laminate.
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