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Discussion in 'Outboards' started by farjoe, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I am looking to replace my trusty old 2 stroke Yamaha which got stolen with a new 6 to 8 HP outboard. This is used as an auxiliary engine for my small sailboat. When used the engine operates in the open sea with the water temperature 20 and 26 C. Only 4 stroke engines are now available to purchase and the choice is between, Yamaha, Tohatsu, Mercury and Suzuki

    Current opinions from a few outboard mechanics is that the Tohatsu is crap due to the fact that the aluminium disintegrates in our hot salty water. Suzuki and Mercury are recommended in that order. I can't help feeling that this due to the fact that mechanics normally work on older engines and this opinion may not be correct on modern engines. Another thing I hear is that all engines are built by one or two manufacturers and that the various suppliers just brand them.

    What is the collective opinion of this group?

  2. dskira

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    Sorry, Tohatsu MAKE the Mercury and the Nissans. They use even to make the Honda.
    Tohatsu is the bigger outboard manufacturer in the world since it manufacture for a lot of other brand.
    As what is the best? Honnestly at that point of competition for market share they are all the same, good if you use them as designed, bad if you use them in recless manner.
    Some are expensives some less, some have good feature some not. But the difference is quite small.
    As for the aluminum desintegrated on salt water, nobody should buy a Volvo marine engine.
    It is difficult for a qualified mechanic to give a straigth answer on the outboard engine, and certainly no mechanic will say the aluminum desintegrate in salt water.
    But who know's, sometime s...... happens when you forget to change the pencil.
    Go with the cheapest, they are the best.
    This is my "non collective" opinion!
  3. Submarine Tom

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    To me they are all the same so I would buy from whoever is going to give

    you a good price but more importantly, the best after sales service.

  4. hoytedow
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    hoytedow I'm not a cat.

    Keep zincs on machines to protect engines, no matter what brand.
  5. CDK
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    CDK retired engineer

    You have a choice between Tohatsu, Tohatsu and products that were inspired by Tohatsu designs.
    But the real choice is light gray, dark gray or black paint.
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  7. Commuter Boats
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    Commuter Boats Commuter Boats

    I'd recommend the going with slightly more horsepower than your two-stroke. The two-stroke liked to run at 70%, the four stroke will feel a little less powerful and will be completely content running at 50%.
  8. apex1

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    Compared with Florida waters or the SEA region, the Med is a ice pond with low salt content.
    And as CDK said: you can choose WHICH Tohatsu you like but not much more.

    Send your mechanic back to his shepherd job!

  9. Easy Rider
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    Mercury now owns Tohatsu from what I'm told by a Mercury dealer. I like Suzuki's best but I'd buy none of the 4 strokes 6-8hp. They shake and vibrate something terrible. Buy an older engine .. twin cyl 2 stroke. They have 4 times as many power strokes as 1 cyl 4 stroke. Of course if you don't care about vibration the 4 strokes are fine. I have a 6hp Johnson and an 8 hp Yamaha .. both sweet engines.

    Easy Rider

  10. dskira

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    And the Tohatsu dealer will tell you the contrary.
    It is a bizarre state of affert these outboard. It's like if they make an agreement to corner the market with just one plant which make the research and development, and then put the body respectif of each brand. :D
    Yes the Suzuki can do the best milkshake. The 2 stroke is good but the power in hp is at high rpm, and they lake of torque. They compensate by being very light for the hp.
    My favorit will be the Yamaha with the 2.9 reduction and 12" wheel on the 9.9 hp. Slighlty higher displacement also then the other brand in the same hp range.
    As for older engine, I can't agree more. they seams running pretty sweet.
    I had also a Johnson8 for many years, never failed. Simple and efficient.
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