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    A letter for a friend from his friends....

    Doug Lewis needs your help! As friends of Doug and Leeanne’s, Rich and I are sending you this letter with the hope that you’ll help us in this time of need. As you may already know, Doug has Multiple Myeloma (MM) a type of cancer that strikes only 1% of those people that get cancer. MM, cancer of the bone marrow, while rare, is a closely related cousin of Leukemia. Each year 14,000 people are diagnosed with new cases of MM; 11,000 of those people will die. After having surgery in 2001 to remove a malignant tumor in his thigh we had all hoped and prayed that he was cured; unfortunately, that is not the case. In December 2001 he was re-diagnosed with MM. This time the disease is in his ribs, spine and skull. Without a bone marrow transplant his health will continue to deteriorate, quickly.

    Doug is presently undergoing chemotherapy in preparation of a transplant. When treatment is completed sometime early this summer, his wish is to go to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) in Seattle, Washington for a bone marrow transplant. This transplant could save his life without one however Doug has no chance of survival. FHCRC is the number one facility in the country for treatment of MM and bone marrow transplants. Because Doug would have to relocate to Seattle for approximately six to nine months, Doug and Leeanne need to raise in excess of $100,000 to pay for medical expenses not covered by medical insurance. The need for long-term housing, transportation, transplant donor expenses, outpatient services and homecare/emergency nursing services in addition to other out-of-pocket costs not yet identified are just a few of the extra expenses that will have to be covered.

    Would you please help Doug reach his goal so that the transplant will become a reality? Your donation would give Doug a much-needed lifeline until a cure can be found. Your generous contribution will go a long way in not only helping to save Doug’s life but also the lives of many others battling this terrible disease.

    Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

    Friends of Doug Lewis,

    Patrick Patel & Rich Luhrs

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to be fully tax deductible, all checks must be made payable to "Walk on the Water of Faith Church of Deliverance, Inc." a 501(C)(3) accredited charity. Upon receipt you will be sent written acknowledgment of your donation. A self-addressed, stamped envelope is enclosed. If you have any questions or would like more information please call me at (908) 415-9482 or Rich at (845) 430-4500.

    Mailing address;

    Patrick G. Patel
    Attorney at Law
    580 Newark Avenue
    Jersey City, NJ 07306

    Thank you.........
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    Sharkey - could you tell us a little more about who Doug is. I'm afraid there are so many of these emails going around the internet that I've become a bit of a skeptic and am afraid they're all scams.
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    He owns Professional Marine Racing in Brick, NJ and is well known in the Offshore circuit. Here is a LINK to his address for his shop. PROFESSIONAL MARINE RACING Just scroll down to the bottom of the page. Thanks! I assure you, this is no scam, and I don't mind you being so cautious... Call them to verify if you wish or contact the other #'s in the letter. Thanks!
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    I have built a CHARITIES Link page on my site. I am looking for other sites to link with, to help bring them some traffic. Does anyone know of any sites???

    I know this is off topic for this board, but being in the situation that my mechanic is in, I thought I could try to reach out to others in the industry. I am only out to help others, so please do not read into this post as "SPAM" Thanks!!! :( SHARKEYMARINE.COM
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    Thanks again for the clairifcation, and sorry to be so cautious (but I'm receiving about 50-100 scam emails a month, so it's hard not to be.) It's really nice to see people helping others in need.
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    THANK YOU for this forum that can reach so many people. It is much appreciated...
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    The Generosity Continues

    This came from H20performance:

    Performance News

    $10,000 for Doug Lewis puts Racer Charity Work at Top of Victory Lane

    by Michelle May Schmidt

    Corpus Christi, Texas - - Fans expecting to see millions of dollars of high tech race boats weren’t disappointed as competitors from across the country headed to Corpus Christi for the Allen Samuels Chevrolet Powerboat Shootout!! Surprisingly enough, what most fans weren’t aware of, is that the prize money barely covers the cost of fuel to get these rigs, boats and trailers to the show. Despite that, many teams dedicate whatever prize money they do get, to the charities that each race event supports.

    Barkley Geib, organizer of the Worlds Largest Poker Run at Lake Lanier, Georgia stepped up to the plate this year and donated $5,000.00 to one of the Shootout!! Charities, Halo Flight. Although he was unable to attend this year as an Official Paceboat for the race, he sent his donation instead. "Winning doesn’t end at the finish line, it’s about all about the people you can help along the way," he said. He isn’t alone in his thinking.

    In addition to donating thousands of dollars to race charities from coast to coast, race teams also provide a smile and a ride for numbers of children who are less fortunate, either afflicted with a life threatening disease or suffering from neglect and abuse. One such "hometown hero" is powerboat-racing dentist, Dr. Gerardo Santiago from Naples, Florida, who, as part of his 2002 Child Smile America Tour, headed to Corpus Christi to give rides to the children from the Coastal Bend Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). The event also marked his return to the offshore racing circuit, earning his first checkered flag of the season in his P4 -"Zero Cavity" raceboat.

    Teamed up with Santiago for the rides were Brian Hollis, Louise Whitmore and Greg Sanders in their 38’ Cigarette Top Gun "Powerboat Tours.com" who also added a checkered flag to their credit. Just ask Camden Naismith, the Texas state spokesperson for MDA, who along with Dad, James and brother John, were given a ride on the Powerboat Tours.com raceboat, while Mom, Andrea and sister, Sara, watched from shore. Camden, 9, was able to take the morning off from his studies at the Robert Wilson Elementary School to meet the teams. It also gave him the opportunity to take a break from his disease, diagnosed just two years ago.

    "All he kept asking was when do we go," says his Mom, Andrea. "He likes speed and he wanted to go fast," she said. Camden did just that, even getting a chance to drive the boat. "I made a big circle," he said with a big smile, and it’s just that smile that encourages the racers to keep on giving. "The real victory is on the water providing rides for the kids," said Hollis.

    H20 Performance.com and the Offshore Racing Review also teamed up with Elaine Motl, Producer of the Allen Samuels Chevrolet Powerboat Shootout!! to raise funds for Doug Lewis of Professional Marine Racing, a rigger well known to the pit crews and teams as part of the Shockwave and In Contempt teams. Doug recently was diagnosed with a rare form of bone marrow cancer, Multiple Myeloma (MM), which strikes only 1% of those people that get cancer. While Lewis and his wife Leeann prepare for a transplant necessary for his survival in Seattle, Washington, their offshore family members donated Race Team Souvenirs for a raffle and auction that raised $10,000.00 for the Lewis Family.

    "Your message blew Doug and I away. The generosity of people we know, let alone those we don't, will never cease to amaze us. I was told to expect a miracle on the fourth day and here it is! Thank you for your efforts in making it possible. We're very excited about a new treatment Doug is undergoing and we pray for the miracle of prolonged life with an excellent quality of life. The doctors are very encouraged by Doug's stamina, overall general good health and sense of humor. I believe it can happen. Thank you and thanks to all those wonderful people that contributed their time and money to help us. We will never forget this."

    Although unable to attend the event, a generous contribution of $5,000.00 was made by Barkley Geib, organizer of the Worlds Largest Poker Run at Lanier Harbor Marina and Poker Run.com. A donation made by Poker Runs America, brought in over $2,400.00 in an auction bid by Brian Hollis and Louise Whitmore of Powerboat Tours.com and Tal Marine. A donation made by Powerboat Magazine brought in a bid of $1,700.00 from Slug Hefner of the Dirty Duck Racing Team. Additional monies came from prizes including a Tom Newby Photo Poster Photo Shot of the New York Super Boat Grand Prix in front of the World Trade Center Twin Towers; a Ride in the Zero Cavity Racing Bat Boat and a Reindl Powerboats Racing Day School. Team prizes were donated from Over The Edge Motorsports Offshore Racing Review, H20Performance.com, PokerRun.com, Zero Cavity Racing, Competitive EDGE Marine, Velocity Racing, Race Girl retail wear, Speedwear F2 Racing, UTZ Quality Foods SVL, Rick Bowling's Jelly Belly Gone Again, Snap-On Talk'n Tools F2, CK Motorsports - Cat Can Do, How Sweet It Is Too, American Racing Wheels, In M'Ocean Again, Critical Lift, ILMOR Racing Engines, Ft. Myers Offshore Gran Prix and the Bravo Shop. 2002 Race Program Books and one year subscriptions to Poker Runs America Magazine were also donated by Taylor Publishing Group.

    "This race was a tribute to Jack Carmody, who was fatally injured in 2001. Jack was a Texan, a gentleman, and a fierce competitor with a heart of gold, who shared his kindness with many charities. What better way to keep his memory alive than to help one of our own," said Michelle May - Schmidt of H20 Performance, who headed up the project with partner Josh Stein. Special thanks go to Steve Schmidt, Pat Cross, Karen Benson and Rod Hall for their help with the raffle.

    "We have legions of competitors who dedicate their time and money to helping others through racing and they should be applauded for the checkered flags they so generously bring to the hearts of those they help. There is no greater Victory Lane than that."

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    Great News from Leeanne

    Here is the latest from Leeanne!!!

    Hi Everyone!

    Doug was released from the hospital this afternoon after 10 days. He was admitted due to a high fever (104.7) of unknown origin. The poor guy was subjected to more intense tests and CAT scans that all revealed - NOTHING! That's the good news. He has no hidden problems, so that is a great relief to me. Now that his temps are back to normal the docs believe he had a reaction to the antiobiotics they were giving to prevent him from getting any infections while his immune system was down. We learned he has drug allergies the hard way!

    Thank you all so much for staying in touch with us while we're in Godforsaken SEATTLE. I've printed your get well wishes and have read them all to Doug. They also help me feel a more connected to the "real" world.

    As some of you may already know, the docs anticipate our going home in 2-3 weeks provided, of course, no more surprises come up. Doug needs a couple more days before he'll begin to feel more like himself. After that you can call him on his cell phone at (732) 995-8523 if you'd like to say hi.

    That's it from not-so sunny Seattle. Thank you all again and stay in touch!

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