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    Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction regarding plans for a contemporary OSV similar to the Skandi Acergy (have tried to attach a picture so hope that works).

    I have taken up model boat building (from scratch) as a hobby and have just about finished my first build (a PT Boat). I would like to start planning for my next build which I am hoping will be an OSV but am having some trouble finding suitable plans. Understandably (or perhaps not) the owners/builders a not interested in helping a modeller so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can source some drawings (sheer profile, half breadth and body plan) of a contemporary OSV to get me started.

    My CAD skills aren't that great but if I could get hold of these drawings I think I could put together adequate model plans for my build.

    I was thinking that there may be a Naval Architecture student who has designed an OSV for their course work and may be willing to share their work.

    I may also be dreaming so any advice help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Kevin

    If you download the Norwegian government report into the loss of the ill fated AHTS Bourbon Dolphin............


    You will find GA on page 47. A tank plan is on page 48 - this gives hull sections at 12 locations along the length which is not a bad start for getting the hull shape.

    There are many pictures of the Bourbon Dolphin on the net for you to get details from.

    Of course she was an AHTS and not a larger OCV like Skandi Acergy.
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