Olympic Travesty: Tornado Eliminated

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Doug Lord, Nov 10, 2007.

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    In Australia the Laser class died in the B** when it went Olympic. Lots of the people who were quite happy sailing at a basic level used the boats for semi serious racing. Now the class seems to appeal only to hotshots and wannabees - no more mums and dads - no more kids fooling around and starting at the bottom of the racing game.

    The Tornado is strong enough for all the reasons above to keep going by itself - though I think it may have lost some of its appeal to a broader range of sailors (you could have one fit person on trapeze and one smart unfit person steering) by having the spinnaker and dual trapeze which will favour young fit types.

    My feeling is that the Tornado will be going along happily in decades time - a most extraordinary boat - and the Olympic committee will be begging it to come back as the classes they sail become more and more irrelevant.

    Is the Star dying off in its traditional strongholds since it was dropped from the Olympics? Another outrageously clever boat.

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    Multihull manufacture is probably not as evident as dinghies and so the pressure from the business people to get theirs represented is at work. It's all about money, there are vast sums to be made, that is why the athletes take drugs. In my day only Reg White after he closed down Sailcraft manufactured the Tornado in Britain but there were hundreds of firms making dinghies.
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