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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by urisvan, Nov 17, 2009.

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    i am looking around to buy a second hand boat that would not give me major troubles.
    what do you think about an old woden boat?
    this 1962 model long keel boat is a "Cheverton New Campaigner" and she is the old boat of Rod Heikell.
    the owner claims that she had been refited in 1995.
    i have ask for the detailed photos like deck to hull joint, stanchion bases, coachroof-deck joint; and interiors.
    what do you say as a foreword?


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  2. apex1

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    Looks like a serious sailor. And is in Turkey as it seems?

    But too many masts for the length:[​IMG]

  3. PAR
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    If this is truly the case, then the wise advise would be to stay away from half a century old, wooden boats for God's sake.

    For my "forward" I'd ask how much rot and where is it. If he says "no rot" then walk away because he's lying.
  4. Steve W
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    An old boat of any material could hardly be expected to not give you any trouble,how handy are you at woodworking? An old boat built out of ANY material is likely to need pretty much as much upkeep so it comes down to what you will be most comfortable working on.It needs to come out of the water and be VERY thouroughly inspected by someone who knows what to look for,if it looks good buy it.IT is a very handsome design btw and looks equipped.Steve.
  5. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    small problems are ok. but the bigger and expensive ones are boring, like replacement of the deck!!

  6. RHP
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    A 50 year old wooden yacht in Turkey with the intense sun etc... I´d be surprised if it didnt have issues one way or the other.

    Beautiful yacht though.
  7. apex1

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    Do´nt htink she was in Turkey for long.
    Looks like a boat owned by a seasoned sailor.
    But I´m sure I´ll see her soon.
  8. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    i called the owner and listen the story of the boat from him. she was not always in Turkey. Rod Heikell had traveled with her and in 1996 she had been refitted by Rod in Turkey.
  9. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    after that refit she sailed to indonesia and came back. Then Rod sold her to his crew; he lived in it for 8-9 years and afterwards, the last owner bought her 3 years ago.
    Apex it would be very nice to arrange time and go to Marmaris to survey her.
    but there is a big trouble that the owner doesn't reduce the price. he is asking 15000 euros and this exceeds my budget.
  10. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    So, for what do you need me to go to Marmaris? Shoot the owner?
  11. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    :) ... if i can increase my budget.
  12. urisvan
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    urisvan Senior Member

    this is written after refit in 1997;


    Cheverton New Compaigner
    Built 1962 by David Cheverton and partners, IOW, UK.
    Rebuilt 1995 by Yat Lift including total refit.
    LOA 31 GT (9.5 m) LWL (7.4 m) Breadth 9 ft (2,75 m) Draught 5’2’’ (1.60 m)

    Tetranora is a classic yacht of this era built to the old 24ft LWL minimum for the RORC offshore rule. She is similar in this respect to Rustler 31, North Sea 24, or if you like, a stretched Twister. She has a full length keel and transom hung rudder although the forefoot has a lot of cut-away. She is quite beautiful to look at without an ungainly doghouse and classic proportions to the coachroof and the right amount of sheer for her length. She is not a slow boat some of the following will show:

    1985 1st in class Ionian Regatta, Greece
    1992 2nd class Bodrum Cup, Turkey
    1996 1st overall in classic class at the Kings Cup, Phuket, Thailand.

    Ocean passages
    Cochin, India to Mukalla, Yemen. 1700 NM sailed in 13½ days at a daily average of 126 NM per day.
    Fastest days run (current assisted) 154 NM
    Fastest days run (no current) 142 NM
    She has consistently made fast passages with small crews (typically 2 people) and has for example me four consecutive days run of over 130 NM
    She is a first class sea boat that has never at any time worried me in heavy weather. She has often made faster and easier passages in strong winds than other larger yachts and she is usually on autopilot or steers herself hard on the wind.

    In 1994-1995 she was rebuilt and refitted under my direction at Yat Lift in Turkey, a first class yard with the requisite skill needed. She was equipped with much new equipment at this time and in fact the asking price is considerably less than the cost of the rebuild and refit.
    She has featured in my books, and in numerous articles in Yachting World and practical Boat Owner. She is a well known and much loved boat by those who have read about her and friends who have sailed on her.

    Hull Strip-planked in mahogany by Cheverton using Resourcinol glue. Rebuilt in 1995 using West System epoxy and sheathed with two layers of 10 oz cloth using West epoxy. Faired using West epoxy and micro-balloons and powder. Five coats of epoxy primer. Top coated with two pot poly. New covering board of mahogany also epoxied and two pot poly.
    Keel removed and shot blasted 1995. Epoxy tar and primer. All new keel bolts 1995.
    Cabin and decks Ply side decks and cabin top. One piece mahogany cabin sides. Rebuilt 1995 with repairs where necessary (part removal for installation of new chain plates) in ply and epoxy. Sheathed with 10oz cloth and West epoxy. Finished with international ‘sand’ deckpaint and two pot poly. New top opening anchor locker (self draining) constructed forward with watertight bulkhead in forepeak. Repainted 1997.

    Pulpit/Pushpit: New pulpit in 316 s/s 1995. Old pushpit reinstalled. Fold-down swimming ladder on stern new 1995. All stanchions refurbished and refastened 1995.
    Hatches: New main hatch and hatch garage laminated up using West epoxy 1995. New fore hatch (Houdini) 1995.
    Windows: All cabin windows removed, bronze surrounds refurbished, new Perspex fitted, and all re-bedded and refastened.
    Deck cleats: All deck cleats refurbished 1995. New 316 s/s fairleads custom made 1995.
    Dorades: New plasticized 1995. New s/s vents aft 1995.
    Jackstays: Two strap jackstays and s/s attachment points new 1995. Two s/s harness points 1995 in cockpit.

    Anchor and warps
    Bower anchor: 25 lb CQR with approximately 40 metres 8 mm chain all regalvanised 1995. Twin anchor rollers forward with chain pawillon the starboard roller all new 1995. Anchor and chain stows in forward (self-draining) locker.
    Kedge: 15lb Danforth with 10 metres 6 mm chain all regalvanised 1995. 25 metres 14 mm terylene warp 1995.
    Fisherman: 30 lb fisherman refalvanised 1995 on custom made mounth on pushpit.
    Warps: Numerous warp including several 25 metre warps in nylon or terylene for lon lines ashore. Numerous shorter lines of varying lengths.
    Fenders: Four large and two small with blue sunbrella covers 1995. These stow out of the way in the anchor locker forward.

    Self draining cockpit refit 1995 with central hatch for engine access, removable tray (tools- winch handles, etc.) under forward step, all epoxied and painted 1995. Three cockpit lockers; Large under port side seat, small aft, small aft starboard where contains the fuel tank.
    Self drainers: New fittings, new hose and new seacocks 1995.
    Winches: Two original bronze winches approximately 7 in (17,5 cm)across. Bronze ratcheted handles. These are the original winches, probably earl Gibbs although there is no name on them. They are immensely powerful for the boat and cleaned and greased 1997.
    Cleats: All new teak custom made 1995.
    Mainsheet horse: 1995
    Cabin main hatch: Laminated ply and retainers 1995.
    Rudder: Repaired middle gudgeon with Thai hardwood and Jotun epoxy by Phuket Yacht Services end 1996.
    Tiller: New laminated mahogany tiller 1995.
    Jibs tracks: Removed furbished and replaced 1995

    Mast and rigging
    Mast Alloy spar. Removed and checked 1995. New masthead fitting in 316 1997 copied from the original. Deck mast-step removed and regalvanised 1995.
    Chain plates: All chain plated removed and new chain plates made up in 316 s/s including new bow fitting. Installed and checked 1995.
    Standing rigging: All s/s 1996. All checked over while mast was off 1995 and re-checked 1997. All bottle screws checked 1995. All bottle screws and cross-tree ends sheathed with heavy duty sued sewn on 1995. Rotostay installed 1995 is mantled and refurbished using Rotostay spares (all ball races, some extrusion swivel, furling line, etc.)
    Boom: Removed and refurbished 1995. New track for sail foot installed 1995. Barton slab-reefing track and blocks. Small winch self jammers installed 1995 for slab-reefing.
    Running rigging: New jib sheet and main sheet (all oversize multiplied terylene) 1998. New slab reefing lines 1990 and 1996. All running rigging in good condition.

    Yanmar 2GSM 20 HP new 1988. New shaft 1988. New propeller 1990. New morse controls 1988. Engine thoroughly checked over 1995 including injectors, injector pump, cooling system, etc. New exhaust manifold and exhaust hose 1995. New vacuum releaser to prevent water siphoning in as engine cools 1995. Water intake seacock refurbished 1995. New Volvo hull seal (greaseless stuffing box) 1995. Fuel tank cleaned out 1996. 1997 oil filter, CAV filtre and inline fuel filter replaced. Injectors crack-tested. Pump impeller replaced.

    Main: New main by Seagull Sails with Sobstad epoxy batten 1995. Chafe patches and all reff points, headboard, tack etc. Double reinforced. Three reefs with third reef used in effect as trysail. Valletted 1997.
    Roller reefing genoa: New genoa by Seagull Sails 1995. Chafe patches for cross-trees etc.
    Easy –stow system: Permanently attached easy-stow system on boom for stowin mainsail. In blue Sunbrella Seagull Sails 1995.
    Other: Arun main and roller reefing genoa from 1984. Valleted and in serviceable condition. Genniker which is too small and was badly repaired in Sri Lanka usable but should be replaced. Original Ratsey and Lapthorn storm jib serviceable condition.

    Sprayhood: New 316 s/s frame and blue sunbrella sprayhood 1995. Central window fitted with zips so it can be rolled up to get any breath through the cockpit 1996.
    Dodgers: New in blue sunbrella with name and port on the outside and covered pockets for stowage on the inside 1995.

    Fuel and water
    Fuel: Approx. 40 litres in starboard aft locker. All funnels siphon pumps etc.
    Water: Two approx 80 litres tanks under saloon berths. Fillers on either side deck. New hoses, breathers and fillers 1995.

    Port Side: Reconstructed 1995 to provide better stowage. It is very small by modern standards but works. Plastimo Coral cooker with two burners and grill new 1990. New gimbals for cooker in s/s 1995. Two 3 kg camping gas bottles. New hose and regulator 1995. Sink with footpump (Whale Gusher) and hand pump (Whale Flipper) Numerous lockers for storage. SL fire blanked. Crockery, cutlery, pots and pans.

    Navigation area
    Lifting navigation table stowage in tabel section.
    Instruments: Garmin GPS 65 1995. (Aerial on mount aft)
    Shoreline compact VHS 1995 (Aerial on masthead with combined Hawk wind indicator.) Plastimo Contest bulkhead compass 1995. Mounted on port side cockpit bulkhead. Autohelm Bidata depth and speed 1995 mounted on starboard side cockpid bulkhead. Incastec analogue echo sounder with cockpit digital repeater 1990.
    Masthead tricolor navigation light and decklights on cross-trees. All checked and partially rewired 1995.
    Switch panel, volt meter 1995.
    Solar panel.
    Autohelm 2000, autopilot new 1988 and refurbishd 1997 including new motor. Mounts at back of cockpit.

    Rod Heikell
  13. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Well, yes! YOU increase your budget.
    But be sure, she goes for a bit less when there is cash on the table, maybe 12.500.-
    The owner is Turk?

    Btw. who is Rod Heikell. ? Must one know him?
  14. RHP
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    RHP Senior Member

    Sounds great. I wonder to what extent the copious use of epoxy and cloth has added to her weight?

  15. apex1

    apex1 Guest

    Substantially Richard, that is sure.
    And if she was in the wrong hands, that will be more or less the "to do" list again! We´re talking 15 years since!
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