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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by big-boss, Sep 2, 2008.

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    Ok, I think I am figuring this out: I think I have a late 60's 25ft Uniflite. It currently has an Isizu Diesel at about 65HP. It is definetly a "semi-Planing" hull. When I got the boat it sat stern up a little now I think it is because it had a bigger engine at one time. Somebody attemped to balsit but I believe it was never right.

    Questions: THere is a 3in wide fiberglass line all around the boat that should be the waterline. Big question Is this the line I should use to saticaly balance the boat and to apply the bottom paint to? I doubt if the boat will ever plan with the little diesel- I think it should be OK for a Put Put? Right?
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    Allow me to guess what you are describing and excuse me if I'm mistaken.
    The 3" wide band may be a "boot top" paint that is not gel coat or bottom paint but is a buffer zone you might say between the two. If so, it's purpose is to protect the gel coat from dirt etc. when the boat is loaded lower than the anti-fouling paint will protect. So I would say, yes, you should paint up to it with the anti-fouling. And don't worry if some anti-fouling paint is above the water. You could change the paint waterline at a later haulout if experience shows that it could be at a different location. And don't try to load the boat so it floats at the painted waterline if it is floating differently due to a new engine installation.
    If you have the right prop etc. I would expect your boat to make about 12 to 14 mph, which is a very nice cruising speed.
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    Yup, looks like an old Uniflite, all right!

    I think you will find that if you remove the bottom paint, the finish will be maroon gel coat. Above that will be the "faded blue" boot stripe typical of the Uniflite brand. If it is original, it is not paint but gel coat. Compound it and put on a good coat of wax.

    The boat was not designed as a displacement hull. If you note the spray rail on the quarter, it would typically be parallel to the water when the boat is in operation. However, it will run just fine at displacement speeds.

    There is a Uniflite website you might want to check out.

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