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    gggGuest ...

    Farr Ton cup winners - source "Shape of Speed"
    2T Cup Larouge
    2T Cup Shockwave
    1T Cup Brava Q8
    3/4T Cup Xacobeo 93
    2T Cup Larouge
    1T Cup Vibes
    3/4T Cup Lone
    3/4T Cup Lone
    1T Worlds Brava
    1T Worlds Propaganda
    1T Cup Fram X
    1/2T Worlds Gunboat Rangiriri
    1T Worlds Red Lion
    3/4T Worlds Joe Louis
    1/4T Worlds 45 South

    Some years list One Ton Cup, some One Ton Worlds. I don't know if that's significant but I'v reproduced it...
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    Even with the long LOA Bullitt shows a shorter LBG, so a shorter measured length. I believe the rule was modified around 1981 to limit the excess OHA that allowed this sort of thing.

    She also has a wider beam, but less BWL, so more RM from the crew.

    sadly this does not show DSPL. She must have been a bit heavier than the others to allow her taller rig.
  3. Paul B

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    1977 One Ton Cup

    Here are the 1st and 2nd place boats from the '77 OTC, both Farr lift keelers.

    The late 70s gave us Disco Music, terrifying clothing, and these color schemes for spinnalers and bloopers.

    These photos are from the book I mentioned earlier. A good read when trapped on a plane for 13 hours.

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    '77 Otc

    Winner Red Lion going uphill. The photos in the book surprised me. I didn't realize sail shapes were so bad back then (pre-mylar days).

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  5. Paul B

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    Jenny H

    After the OTC Jenny H (sister to the winner) ended up coming to the USA in '78 and this is how she looks today.

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    End Pages

    The end pages of the book showed B195 from astern.

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    Here is B195 in slings. Very nice, undistorted shape compared to previous IOR shapes.

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    kiwi centreboard IOR yachts

    Good stuff Paul, very interesting book obviously. Here are some jpegs from Light Brigade: i, Farr One ton 1977 centreboarder, 2, Davidson's cb. Pendragon, 3, Farr's 1977 cb, Mr. Jumpa, 4, Davidson's cb, Wave rider.

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  9. Paul B

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    It isn't a very technical book, but I'm sure nutters like you and CT249 would find it amusing.

    One thing that really shines out in the book is that preparation was a great advantage in that series. The Whiting and Peterson boats did not prepare well, and the Farr boats that did not break took the top two spots.

    The regatta was sailed in difficult conditions, with driving rain and winds up to 50 knots. The B195 cracked her hull in the first race. Smackwater Jack also suffered structural damage, as did Jenny H and Smir-noff-agen.

    These were all wooden boats, built very lightly, and some were damaged in subsequent years as well. According to the book B195 also cracked the hull in the Hobart race, and again at Clipper Cup. Smackwater Jack of course went missing on the return from Hobart. Jenny H cracked frames in the Hobart but carried on. After B195 arrived in San Diego (the epilogue of the book) she had an electrical fire and burned.

    When will your book be published again? I'm off on a flight to Geneva next week and am always looking for something interesting to read as I fly from place to place.
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    Magic Bus

    If you are still interested, I think Magic Bus is on a trailer at the Alameda Marina in Alameda California. It is pretty weathered, but I think it Magic. I raced against the boat when I was sailing on Carl Schumacher's 1/4 ton, Summertime Dream. I will look at it again to confirm it. It is strange because Summertime is also rotting away in the same marina. It is very sad because these were such great boats to sail.
  11. Paul B

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    Thanks Scott.

    Any way to contact the owner? Any other old QTs there these days?

    I know someone who tried to buy SD, knowing it was rotting, but the owner had no interest in selling it, or sailing it for that matter.
  12. ScottOwens
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    I don't know the owner but I will ask the harbor master if you can contact the owner. I can also leave a message on the boat in case the owner ever comes to the boat.
    I look at Summertime Dream and also think of buying it to restore it. I had so many great times on that magic boat.
    In Alameda Marina, there is also the Davidson designed boat, Fun. The guy has restored it , but has messed with the rig a little. But the hull restoration is beautiful.

    No other 1/4 tonss in Alameda.
  13. Paul B

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    I've seen photos of the FUN rebuild. It is a shame he hacked up the transom like he did.

    When you're down at the marina if you can snap a couple of photos of the BUS to post here that would be great.

    Like I said, I heard the owner of Summertime Dream has no plan to sell. I believe the guy who asked about it is still interested in buying an old QT for restoration, and I've been telling him that the BUS would be a great one to have. It is a bit of history, a world champ and really the first (with FUN) of the IOR daggerkeel era.

    I've also heard that the old Peterson Half Ton daggerkeeler Ooh No might be there in Alameda, or maybe in Berkley Marina. They won the North Americans in '78 with all bullets, and would have won easily in '77 except for a questionable (sailmaker war) protest. If you know anything about that boat I would be interested as well.
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    Magic Bus

    Magic Bus is now owned by John McKeon. John keeps the boat in Alameda, CA.

  15. Paul B

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    Please send me a PM if you know how to contact John.

    Do you know if he ever uses the boat now? Do you think he would want to sell?
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