Old pontoon boat needs lift

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Delta Dawg, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I have a 1972 Leisurecraft 48' steel pontoon houseboat I've been renovating the past year. My problem is that when I have more than a couple people on the front deck, it droops. Also, when under power, no one can sit up there or I start to nose dive. I just had the original pontoons patched and coated so I know they're good to go. I'm thinking of running a pontoon down the front center. I've looked at www.plasticpontoon.com and they have a great product but so far away the shipping cost will be too high. I'm in Stockton CA. Does anyone know of another source? I'm thinking aluminum or plastic would probably be fine.
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    "One UGLY BOAT",
    Harold, He has the most unique pontoons! The way they are formed, they nest inside one another in short sections. You assemble them when you get them. He even takes care of that part if you're not "handy". They ship cheap!. He will do custom work also. Talk to him.
    Here is a pic of a third pontoon.
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