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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    Yessa , since about 1990 we are aware that all those russians, czechs , polands, latvians , estonians , yougoslav....whatever, know epoxy.
    Nowadays these countries also have digital natives what accumulates in fine multihulls.
    In this thread i wanna present some of them.

    Tomáš Jonáš Janda lives in the Czech Republik. This country is an artificial " nation" somewhere in the middle of europe-- no access to any sea.
    Thomas , sorry Tomáš , designs , builds and " tries" multihulls since several decades . In the beginning he builtt smaller , clever , smart , multichined ply-epoxy cats, very lightwight boats with sufficient interior volume .
    Then he went over to foam-sandwich--less weight , more thrill. he has been younger.
    He got older.
    He produced cats with self standing biplane rigs of carbon, more reasonable boats ( more reasonable boats without any market t ---see schionning fee years later)
    In the meantime he travelled with his designs in the medsea , in the balticsea , northsea --practicing.
    Of course he has some boats in his portfolio that only exist as renderings, for example the 34 footer Essence 10 with Bridgedeck cabin.
    All those " designers" call them " projects" ;)
    I like this boat---it has a base, a real base, an existing base.
    The original Essence 10 is an open bridgedeck cat with hard deck.Very light, very fast, outboard motor , pretty uncomfortable ( o.k. , i' m " old" )
    Thomas , no , Jonas , gave this boat a bridgedeck cabin. Now she comes in with 2. 5 tons . Reasonable . Such a 33 footer ( cruiser/racer) with full standing headroom everywhere must have outboarrs . Inside he will look like a bathroom. Lightweight !
    What do you want ?
    The boat has tiller steering and will perform.
    I like it.
    There is the option of minikelels or/ and little ( 9hp ? ) diesel engines . 3 tons ?

    Pix :

    Elsa 28 , ply-epoxy

    Eome 35, sort of bridgecabin/podcat

    Essence 6 , sexy boat with conventional rigg, four berth, hard bridgedeck , good, fast cruiser/ camper.

    Essence 6 with biplane , easier sailing, trailering.

    Open bridgedeck, hard deck for cruising , Essence 10

    And now, Essence 10 CC ( whatever " CC" means )
    An empty weight of 2.5 is normal/ good. Standing headroom in the bridgedeck in such a size is uncommon. with these parameters one don't has to expect luxurious interieur. Cru--absolutelely sufficient for an owner's crew, a couplpe with occasional guests. An owner who wanna sail---note self tacking jib.
    This is a sailing boat !
    What is in there ?
    Here' s the description :

    hulls: gelcoat, vinylester glass Airex sandwich vacuum bagged to female moulds, sandwich bulkheads, topcoat

    crossbeams and bowsprit: aluminium alloy extrusion or Compotech wounded carbon tubes

    central cabin: honeycomb/Airex glass sandwich large windows for 360 view, wide polycarbonate openning aft side

    trampoline: netting 30 x 30mm in front of central cabin

    rudders and daggerboards: epoxy carbon Airex sandwich from female moulds


    2 double berths 200 x 140 cm
    2 single berths 210 x 70 cm
    galley with working area, stove, sink and lockers
    separate head
    headroom throughout 185 - 195 cm

    central cabin:
    table for 6
    box storages
    navigation table
    large windows for 360 view
    wide polycarbonate openning aft side connecting interior with the cockpit on the same deck level
    headroom 185 cm

    mast: aluminium Sparcraft rotating wing and boom or Compotech wounded carbon

    standing rigging: SS and textile

    sails: fat head fully battened main, 3 reefs, self tacking jib, horizontal cut

    engine: 2x outboard 4 stroke 10 - 15 hp

    steerig: Compotech wounded carbon tillers, carbon connecting tube, composite helmsman´s seat on each hull

    trailerability: whole boat on 2 trailers, max. beam on the road 2,55 m: hulls in position 69 on 1 trailer, central cabin + crossbeams etc. on 2nd trailer

    4 winches Antal 40 st al, all hardware for cruising: blocks, tracks, cars, stoppers etc. from Antal
    all ropes from FSE Robline
    two batteries, switch and fuse panel
    navigation lights, interior lights 3 in each hull, 3 in central cabin
    2 Plastimo compasses (other navigation instruments by choice)
    CQR anchor, 20 m of chain, 50m cable, 4 fenders
    2 x 100 l fresh water tank, marine WC, wash basin, shower
    sink, 2 burner alcohol/gas cooker
    8 cm berth mattress
    2 deck hatches, 4 ventilation windows from Gebo, 2 escape hatches, 5 fixed windows


    complete boat from 120 000,- EUR

    empty hulls with structural bulkheads and daggerboard cases * 29 000,- EUR
    rudder blades and daggerboards 5 000,- EUR
    crossbeams 10 000,- EUR
    cockpit 4 000,- EUR
    (tax not included)


    wounded carbon mast, parallel rig, carbon crossbeams, high tech sails, gennaker, code zero, fixed keels, two inboard engines, wheel steering, another interior arrangement, road trailers…according to individuall wishes.
    Pix ?
    Only rendering. Note that the boat evolved from an oppen bridgedeck, which means that she is demountablble and still transportable with a trailing beam of 2,55 m.

    By the way--the price-- nowadays about 160000€ , incl. tax , really complete, sailaway.

    O.K. O. K , it' s european,
    but ,
    i think all those antipodes , all those burgerlovers, all those ex-colonists should know about what's happening here.
    Here ;)

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    redreuben redreuben

    Nice one Mr Pogo, I think a lot of European design slips under the radar of us English only speakers, I like these designs a lot, please keep them coming.
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    Corley epoxy coated

  4. pogo
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    pogo ingenious dilletante

    A production cruising cat under 33' ?
    These owner-boats for recreational cruising are rare. The last european more known bridgedeck-cabin production cats in this size have been the Quest 31 by Prout, the Iroquois , the Maldives 32 and the short time produced Jeffcat 32 ---produced 30-40 years ago.
    There is a niche , because all those boats are still loved and sailed. There is a niche for affordable smaller Bridgedeck- cabincats . Boats for a young family or a couple w. occasional guests , easy to handle ' cause of being small enough , safe cruisers . 30 -33' with comfort thru standing headroom........a caravan, a mobile home on the water(s), on the coasts, in the estuares...

    Othmar Karschulin , german proa addicted "owner" of the wellknown site http://www.multihull.de/ and his pay e-zine
    http://www.multihull-report.de/ dares to produce such a boat in vacuum-sandwich--the Kat 95. It will cost about 160000 €.
    First pics

    She's a more " conservative " looking cat. No "modern" organic styling above the waterline.
    Old fashioned ?
    No , she' s light and has narrow hulls.
    She features as much interior volume as possible --without spoiling the lines too much. Form follows function , which in this case means a more or less boxy looking cabin.
    (O. k. we don' t wanna sell it for that what it is , as design , as a practical design. We gonna sell as that what those marketing nerds would do --as " retro" :). )

    In the salon one has nearly standing headroom of 1.75m , a u-shaped settee with a 360degree view and a nav. table. Galley down.
    Two doubleberth on the bridgedeck in front of the mast.
    For a cruiser a well known and proofed concept. Bridgedeck clearance is 0.55m--one can' t have everything.

    A self-tacking jib , minikeels , skegged rudders and two 10-15hp outboards are standard.
    Diesels and daggerboards are optional.
    The empty boat weights about 1900kg , max. deplacement is 3m3, SA upwind 55sqm
    Waterline ratio of the hulls is 11.
    Should be a pretty fast boat ---beware of too much payload.
    Beam is 4,95m for travelling nearly all european canals.
    Because of the wide cabin the hulls' decks are pretty narrow; catwalks --again, one can't have everything.

    Here's the brochure ( as far as i know the latest)
    And another source with few more pix

    The Bavarian Othmar ( spoken Ottmah) has built and designed some other interesting multihulls.

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