Oh the headaches of restore a bass boat!

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    Ive got a bass boat been restoring, split top cap from hull,replaced all the wood, put top cap back on, now I'm in the process of prepping top cap for paint, Previous owner had put some clear coat of some sort on the boat , you can see brush marks to make the oxidized gel coat look better, I orig thought he or she had gotten it very thick in the corner in rear passengers side. No not so lucky as to only be some easily removed clear coat.

    Apparently that area had had an issue at one time, damage from something , and was repaired.. lousy repair , may have even been previous owner that tried to fix on his own ? Gel coat was a good 1/4 inch thick in places and crazed and chipping, and they used reg bondo to fill in pin holes, over the fiber glass cloth they used to repair, on back corner there where very deep spider cracks, in what I thought was glass.. 1/2 later of grinding I hit glass .. the rest was resin! no wonder there were cracks back there! thick poly resin always cracks like that . that may have been made that way in mold at factory !?

    Im so glad I was paying attention and decided to dig deeper in to that area .. would have been cracking all over again if I hadn't caught it , now fixing it right !

    Man the headaches you run into on old boats :D
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    Oh, fun ;)
    It's things like this, that are the reason why restoration projects always seem to take three times as long, and cost three times as much, as planned....
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