Of this books, which one should I read first

Discussion in 'Education' started by GersonPerezbr, Mar 1, 2017.

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    I think it's "How to design a boat"
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    No single book is going to "prep" you for yacht design. Read all of them. When you're actually ready to

    Your personal yacht design library, will include these few and many others.
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    All look good and if you can get a copy of Skene's "Elements of Yacht Design" (out of print for many years but still crop up from time to time) that is a good place to start.
    Another is "Understanding Boat Design" by Ted Brewer.
    What kind of boat are you designing and how small is it?
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    Given the price of small boat plans, the cost of one of these books would rival the plans costs. The best advice you can receive is: doing a good job on a boat design can be a complex project, so getting a set of plans is the logical route. You can change the aestedics all you want, knowing it'll float upright come launching day, because the hydrodynamics have already been performed by someone that's already learned about the calculations necessary.
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    These are my notes for the basic boat design course. The program has closed, but this material could be helpful. But yes, read everything you can.

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    Thank you very much for sharing that.
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