OCIMF Environmental Forces Calculator - VLCC (www.thenavalarch.com)

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    www.thenavalarch.com launches the OCIMF Environment Forces Calculator for VLCC (spreadsheet)

    • This Excel sheet helps you calculate the Wind and Current forces on a VLCC as per OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines 3rd Ed Appendix A (MEG 3)
    • It calculates the wind and current force and moment coefficients from OCIMF, and calculates final forces from these coefficients
    • While specifically for VLCC's, as per recent model tests, this spreadsheet can also be used for smaller ships down to approximately 16000 MT Deadweight
    • The output forces can be further used to carry out Mooring analysis for the VLCC

    A youtube demo video is here:


    For more info, please visit:

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