Ocean Rowing - next big Challenge for Specialist Design

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    Wanted - ocean rowers (to join teams) and crews to participate in races
    Ocean Row Events is seeking crew for the Atlantic Ocean January 2015

    Atlantic 2014/2015
    Be a part of the first mixed team of rowers to make landfall in South America having crossed the Atlantic. We will be taking a mixed crew of eight people from Morocco to mainland South America.

    Pacific 2015
    The biggest challenge in ocean rowing is lined up for 2015. We aim to cross the world’s largest ocean with a crew of eight people from mainland to mainland, Peru to the east coast of Australia.

    Indian Ocean 2014 - Live!
    Our ocean rowing boat Rossiter's Avalon and her seven crew members crossed the Indian Ocean and made landfall at Victoria Port, Mahe, ... achieving ocean rowing records for the fastest row across the Indian Ocean (average speed 2.65 knots)

    I have just been watching a documentary about ocean rowing, and a builder of these boats in Totness , England ( Up the river Dart from Dartmouth )

    Two ocean rowing record holders build these specialist boats for long distance rowing events.

    Buy your own

    Bits of more reading


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