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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by barrow_matt, Apr 21, 2011.

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    I have just got a 10'6 rowing boat, 4'6 beam minus a set of oars. having looked online the cost seems excessive so I plan to try and make my own.

    I would be interested if anyone has any tips or advice regarding design, materials and size. I'm looking to row reasonable distances for up to a few hours and at sea if that makes much difference.

    My initial thoughts are around 8ft long, pine shaft with a slightly curved plywood blade (macon style). And a decent coat of exterior varnish.

    I'm not sure about the blade dimensions, 5-6" at the tip, tapering up?
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    I just made an oar the other day 40mm square Merranti (cost 2 quid) and triple 40mm at the bottom. When the epoxy dried I used a 4inch grinder with a 16 grit disc and 1/2 hour later I had an oar.

    The 16 grit disc was like cutting butter with a soldering iron. I had never made one before and it was simple--simple.

    Oar length etc is all on the internet. Americans call it a paddle!!!
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    Im making a modification to them today. I have bought some cheap 45mm internal dia fishing line rings. Those cheap red and blue things that you keep a handline on.

    Instead of the leather wrapping I intend to Sikaflex these hand line rings where it wears in the oar locks which I made yesterday.

    The rings snap onto the oar locks which are made from 9mm stainless steel in a horse shoe shape and a stem welded on, small holes at the bottom of the stem were drilled in 1/8 for key rings as locks.

    The oars will not jump out of the oar locks but with a good tug they will.

    Bending 9mm on a 6 inch vice on the dock was not easy.

    Apart from the boat rowing like crap the oar mechanism is fine.
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