Nydock welded HDPE pontoons?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Coracular, Nov 19, 2022.

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    Hi everyone. I'm new in terms of having an account here, but have ended up reading a lot of posts over the years at the end of a google search etc. I am conceptualizing a houseboat, and am wondering what the thoughts of this community are on Nydock welded HDPE pontoons - Pontoons - NyDock Floating Docks & Pontoons PipeFusion in Huntsville, Ontario, Muskoka https://nydock.com/pricing/pontoons/ - or similar products from other suppliers.

    I recently purchased some forested land on a river, near where I grew up. Ultimately we may retire there, but it's currently a good distance from where we live. I'd like to build a houseboat to live on while we visit, and the HDPE is attractive as it will have long periods unattended (low maintenance) and because it can tolerate being frozen in (ice can get quite thick, temperatures occasionally get down to -40, although less often now than when I was growing up).

    Putting aside for the moment the full calculations of what diameter etc I'd need etc, the following questions come to mind:

    1. Given the flexibility of HDPE, I assume some sort of truss structure should be used to make the deck stiff even before the pontoons are attached - does anyone know of any examples of what that would look like (so that I can understand the design constraints it imposes, and also how it handles thermal expansion)? For reasons I won't go into here I'd like the deck / pontoon combination to be structurally independent from the superstructure.
    2. The welded HDPE brackets seem to be the main thing distinguishing them from regular HDPE pipe with end caps welded on (which is substantially cheaper) - are they worth it, or are there alternative brackets etc that you would recommend?
    3. The 18" diameter has 1/2" walls, the 24" says 1/2" but then farther down says 3/4" - the 36" I'm not sure but I have a short section of similar size from an industrial pipe supplier and the walls are 1" - for a houseboat that will not be travelling at high speeds, do you see a need for compartmentalization?
    4. What did I not think to ask, but should have?

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