nydacore question to ponder

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by captword, Apr 11, 2004.

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    captword Junior Member

    actually a couple of questions
    First can one use nydacore honecomb in stich and glue format? Like make a bateua out of 6" for the bottom and 2 inch for the sides and deck. the cloth on the inside and out will lock them together. Its strength being dependant on the clothe used to wrap it.
    Second being that nydacore is closed group cells will that take care of legal standards for flotation?

    I know that it would be expensive and wouldnt compete against the minimum wage chopped out production boats, but it would be extremely light.
  2. Stephen Ditmore
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    Stephen Ditmore Senior Member

    I'm hesitant to advise without doing the math, but if the laminate schedule is approved by Nida-Core I don't see anything way wrong in what you're suggesting.
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