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    Hi all, we are very keen to learn about anyboy who wants to work in Nupas/Cadmatic! Icon Yachts is a new builder of Power Mega Yachts from 62M+ in the North of Holland with currently three projects in build.

    We are interviewing for positions in the design & engineering department for people who are proficient in AutoCAD/Rhino and want to train towards Nupas/Cadmatic application!

    Please contact Anne Alberda, HR Department at extension #219 or myself.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Stephan Vitus
    Manager Technical Design
    & Engineering Office

    Icon Yachts b.v.
    Lange Lijnbaan 7 & 11
    8861 NW Harlingen
    The Netherlands

    Tel: +31-(0)517 494 600
    Fax: +31-(0)517 494 699
    gsm: +31 (0) 6 225 456 03
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