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Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by nub3, Mar 23, 2016.

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    hello i just bought a 10 foot aluminum boat the top edge trim is missing and i dont have the money nor the knoledge to put one on or pay for someone to do it, i dont know how to weld or torch, so my question is what could i use to make my boat stronger for the top edges. i really want to take my boat out this weekend so i have been fixing it all week please help, what could i use? if it has to do with using a hammer nails or bolts and a screw gun im all ears. heres a pic of it

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    Laminate a couple of 1X3 of clear pine or fir. Through bolt them every 16" or so.
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    Yeah, that'll work, though I'd recommend a 1x2 on the inside and a 1x2 on the outside, sandwiching the hull sides. Bend in the inside piece first, then clamp and screw to outer piece(s). I'd also put the fasteners on closer spacing, say 12" and screw them from the inside to the outside, so the fasteners aren't visible. Lastly, consider putting a piece of metal along the outside piece, to protect it from bashing into docks and the like. A 1"x1/8" flat bar of aluminum will do.
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