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    the old thread was over 400 days old so one can not reply
    I just discovered Nordhavn
    And I am bloody impressed, like really seriously impressed
    I,m studying the 40 right now All I can say is the designer created one hell of a HANSOME craft
    I am pretty committed right now but I would love to build something along those lines
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  3. Guest62110524

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    not at all, its very hansome does the job, I would just copy the concept
    Hard to make a good looking 40, but look at their big boats, you could do a lot worse than modelling yours on those
    Resale is all, if you design build an ugly boat, then she will realise an ugly resale price
    I f I were you, I would PAY to have a class act design your boat, like xarax, or------, nope I seriously would!
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    Stu you really do´nt know anything about MY boat, nor do you know who is my NA in that case. So how do you judge?
    And resale is absolutely nothing when I do me a boat! Thats not even on the list.
    How nice or attractive a boat is cannot be valued by just one person only, you know. And imho Nordhavn´s are amongst the most ugly boats on the market.:D

    The sketch btw, I sent you long ago was a George Buehler design, not mine!

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    i deleted my comments, in this thread you should too, it was supposed to be abt Nordhavn
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    clearly you can see where the word trawler yacht fits, if you look at the real Atlantic and Icelandic fishing trawlers, this one is similar, in that the further the heel the bigger the water plane
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    I feel ya whoosh, I find Nordhavn to be the most eye pleasing of trawlers. Would love to find a design similar to that 76' in the photo you posted. However, wouldn't an alloy hull be more suited to a 'go anywhere' trawler instead of fiberglass?
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    well my specialisation is Al al, But I can see how this works for them, they just build the hull ultra thick, and they use a very good NA
    In fact I was told by a man who has had 5 boats done in China, that you have to be careful or else they just keep adding glass and cloth, ok for the trawler, but his are faster type power
    Also production al al is not so cost effective, each one a new one so to speak?
    I looked for used ones for sale and they really hold the price, few brands do, a real investment, that is important for owners and the company, I would strive for that if I were to have my time again
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    "Also production al al is not so cost effective, each one a new one so to speak?"

    Sorta depends , with GRP cookies being marked up 50% and more for importers, sales dept and huge advertising budgets (HOW many magazines at $10,000 a page?) , A custom aluminum boat begins to look cheap.

    The only difficulty is a resale time when the million dollars of Hype gets the GRP cookies more lookieloos.

    But you only need ONE customer , not a string of them.

  10. Guest62110524

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    very true Fred indeedy

    Plus I have no (front office) flash gals to pay
  11. apex1

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    Yes, dàccord!

    Stu lookup these to find some inspiration:

    find some more sensible vessels than the plastic crap.
  12. Paul Kotzebue

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    Does anyone know if any of the Nordhavn models are CE certified Category A?
  13. Guest62110524

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    to RICHARD
    Kaasten I know of, nice, in fact two guys that used work for me, whom I consider the very top class of metal builders(not my doing) built a schooner of his Bos And Carr from NZ

    Paul if any were sold into Eu they would have been that class I,ll find out
  14. apex1

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    No, they are´nt.

  15. Paul Kotzebue

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    Thanks for the update.

    The Nordhavn's look real shippy and have a great PR campaign behind them. I wonder why they won't (or can't) meet the only real safety standard for small (under 24m) offshore yachts ......

    A few years ago I was working at Jack Sarin's office on Bainbridge Island. Jack designed a 72 ft boat along the lines of the larger Nordhavns, but beamier. We tank tested the hull to optimize the bulb. The structure was designed to meet the ABS rules for motor yachts, and the hull to meet MCA stability standards. I don't think the boat was ever built, which is a shame because it was a nice design.

    I've never heard of a Nordhavn meeting any classification society or safety standards.
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