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    I am hearing conflicting reports on the use of Nida-core for the deck (soul) of a boat. The boat I have in mind is a Gause & I want to equip it w/ a tower. Some folks have said there are strength & compression issues w/ Nida-core when it comes to putting heavy items on the deck. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Nida-core in structral areas(deck) is not really a good idea. We did some prototype work for them back in the day and were not to impressed with the product. ATC core cell is the way to go for decks.
  3. what do You mean with structural areas..bulkheads are not structural?!? We use Nidacore high stress and high compression module on deck and it work better then ATC. It compression it is superior so it is better for this use. By the way using this material and its lamination on both sides depending by the designer scantling calculation.
    Nomad ...why You didn't answer about Your moulds on Your website (Hurrycane 24 ft mould set). It is Your business or what??

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