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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by richthofen, Jan 22, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    I'm a newbie to this forum and do have some basic questions, maybe sombody can help me. I'm planning to build my own fishing boat (using a MinnKota E-drive). I'm working now for about 6 months on the hull an the interior, but I do have some basic questions.

    1. I downloaded several CAD trial versions and found, that I get along best with Maxsurf, great software, nevertheless I do not know how I get the hull on the paper in a technical drawing I can use to build the boat in reallife ( and I don't mean that I cant't print because of the trial version)

    2.Which software can I use to plan the interior - should I use Maxsurf aswell using the trimming option ? But how can I get a technical drawing of all these surfaces with all dimensions I need to cut them out of sandwich material or wood or give it to sombody else to do the work ? So the problem is putting all the things I planned with maxsurf in a piece of technical drawings to build the boat or let it build.

    3. Should I export the hull into another CAD software and plan the interior there ? What would be a good software if to do so.

    Thanks for your help, because these are some questions I couldn't answer yet and I don't want to buy maxsurf and get to the point afterwards that I can't do what I wanted to


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    Your questions are primarily software questions, rather than design - on that front you will probably get more responses by posting in the software threads.
    Having said that, Maxsurf (and most other hull surfacing programs) is primarily designed to produce a hull and maybe the superstructure. It can be used quite succesfully to model (in 3D) all of the interior structure as well, but there are other programs about (like Rhino) that might be easier and better suited to doing this.
    Neither are good at producing 2D drawings. For this you need something like AutoCAD.

    But by the time you've bought all this software, you may well have spent more on that than you plan to on your whole boat!
    Why not export and print out the lines plan for the hull you've developed in Maxsurf and do the rest by hand? It will probably be quicker, easier - and definitely less expensive.
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    That's what I was thinking. Software is $$$$$ and unless you are doing it for a living does it seem worth it for the investment for one boat?
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  5. dskira

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    Are we talking building a boat or a computer?
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