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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by Howlandwoodworks, Sep 22, 2018.

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    Hello to all,
    I have been designing and building furniture for 30 years in my shop and now starting up a design and build small wooden sailboat shop. This is something that I have been planing for years. As a master woodworker and carver I know this will be a heavy lift.
    As I see sailboats if I would want to build a fast one I would look at fast fish and birds for ideas or use other attributes from nature.
    Now that said, I don’t think it’s that simple and there are many great designers such as Ray Hunt and N.Herreshoff that have come before me and I have a great reverence for their designs.
    I hope to earn the respect of thous here while learning from and sharing my knowlage with thous willing. May there be much fun along the way.

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    Welcome to the forum Howlandwoodworks.

    If you have made carvings such as that one in the picture, you will no doubt be able to build a most creditable boat.

    Tell us what kind of boat that interests you. Anything from a pram to a full on cruiser is possible. Disabuse yourself of any tendency to assign the attributes or design principles of a bird or fish to your boat design.

    Dive in here on the forum and you can get some good and creditable advice.

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    Well Day sailers, for you must row a small boat first.
    Design and build is not something that I could stop doing. As for carving I have had some great teachers.

    Sailfish and humming birds,
    tuna and red tail hawk nautilus shell, catenary curves and data point sets as seen in nature.
    Dark harbor, 14’ type is all I could fit in shop now. I have access to Haven 12 1/2 molds but there White ‘s design and I would prefer Herreshoff.
    Jada and the Concordia 40 and 41 pull at my heart but I would need a crew and it’s just me for now.

    Drawing from 20 years ago

    Solid walnut armoire built in the Victorian revival style
    A story in wood of the Arthurian myths as told by Gawain and others.
    Vessels of another kind
    200 pieces segmented bowls with inlays and other things


    The gang
    8 ‘ tall gothic peer mirror
    Drawing would be the easy part. Had some help on this one Marry May. She used our shop for her first classes, to my good fortune.

    Thanks for letting me show off.

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    I have many questions about durability, marketing, and desirability just to name a few. I have started drawing my own but I think that the master that came before
    me have the name recognition that will help with sales. Any ideas would most welcome.
    Tally Ho
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