New Zealand's AC 72 Loss demands more Accountability and Dalton & Barker loss stats

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by oceancruiser, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. oceancruiser

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  2. oceancruiser

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    NEW ZEALAND'S AC 72 Loss demands more Accountability and DALTON & BARKER loss Stats.

    Some over seas comments would add a different and interesting Flavour.
  3. cavalier mk2
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    We could make up a story about international bookies rigging the results and big name studios pitching in money for a storybook ending......but you guys might believe it!

    Get back in there and try again and good for Emirates pitching in money for a flying boat, we all should say thanks for getting things rolling.
  4. michael pierzga
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    Gee..the key phrase is ..public spending.

    The event is so expensive that government had to get involved.

    Cap the costs. Eliminate the money advantage. Im sure New Zealand has the skill to compete on a level playing field.
  5. cavalier mk2
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    I think Ainslee helped shake Oracle out of the rut too. Someone to shout at the Kiwis and try desperate measures might have helped, they should have been covering tacks after they lost the speed advantage but still seemed to run according to the old instruction set. The question of new blood helping could be determined in trials, certainly a known quantity is easier to sell investors and those guys did a good job. Where can the new guys go to practice?
  6. catsketcher
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    The article is way off line. To say that ETNZ choked is demonstrably incorrect. Oracle found a huge increase in tacking speed and upwind speed. Choking is when your own performance (numbers upwind or down or ability to win starts) decreases which it did not with ETNZ. They got faster during the regatta too. So the basic premise of the article is false.

  7. Gary Baigent
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    Catsketcher Phil is right; this so-called choking is a smug term emanating from some turkey sitting on his arse in front of his electronic toy - of course he would have, in reality, sailed and controlled the competition in exemplary panache and style ... in his fantasies ... laughter.
    Here's a juicy little quote (not mine) to really get the righteous troll (and a few others) going:

    "Disgruntled members of the Oracle team are blowing the whistle on this. They are saying that their boat just wasn't good enough to match Team New Zealand so they had to play their postponement card so that they could install the SAS half way through the regatta. They are also saying that the SAS was so good that they didn’t run it at full pace because it would have made it too obvious, and instead they slowly increased their speed and called it improvements in their skills and learning about the boat, neither of which were true.
    They are also saying that the speed they sailed at in the last race wasn’t at the top of the range of the SAS, and that they couldn't switch it on to full speed because to win by too great a margin would have been too risky; it would have been too obvious."
  8. Grey Ghost
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    Funny that.
    That's the same source that said New Zealand is countering by installing an invisible gas turbine and tractor beam for the next one :D
  9. oceancruiser

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    Prove it.

    Spreading false rumours again, that's usually the style on crew org website with members when they don't have tissue to dry their eyes.

    As the politicians say in the house [NZ] put up or shut up.

    Name the whistle blowers.

  10. oceancruiser

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    I doubt if team NZ will be together for much longer. Barker and co are socializing with the aussies.

    While the cat is away is away the mice do play.

    NZ may be interested in the 38 th challenge though when the air and designs rules are all sorted.

  11. oceancruiser

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    They choked and refused to eat humble pie and the news media with Dalton, the NZ public, TVNZ counted their chickens before they hatched.

    Ask Murray McCully.

  12. oceancruiser

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    No they don't.

  13. oceancruiser

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    They did not cover, they did not read the tides - sailed in the tide when a Ben, Spithill read the tide line and tacked to keep from going in to it while Davies did not pick it. Under pressure they lost co ordination and crucial timing in the hydraulics pressure mechanism which was evident in the unbalancing and sloppy tacts / turns amongst other major factors regarding diet and having roast chicken when they should have been eating NZ delicious, tender, moist lamb.

    Simple No challenge until the 38 th challenge.
  14. tspeer
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  15. cavalier mk2
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    Tom the entire forum owes you thanks for a calm and collected voice of reason. It is however impossible to expect a forum to be entirely reasonable.....Cheers and thanks for the insights.

    Gary, I have got to get down there someday and sample the grog, it must be fantastic!
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