New to the forum! Need some info about doing the great loop

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by cdjones8732, Jul 24, 2011.

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    Wuts up guys....well my gpa is gettin a lil old and he wants to do the "loop"....hes got a 20' foot throphy........and we are need some info about the loop... boat size...and best time of year to set sail... we live in eastern north carolina! thnx for all responsces
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    I have seen the site linked above when I had a different computer, can't load the text now and looked like you had to join to get to the forums...$$$ don't know. Anyway,

    The GL has been accomplished by some guy on a jet ski, probably by explorers in canoes. I feel like I know little about it even after reading and studying this topic. But I wanted to do the same thing (still would) but was finding that you really need a larger craft than what you have. There are several sections in the ICW that can get rough just from traffic, not to mention bad weather. Not saying it couldn't be done with your craft, but you may need additional fuel capacity than what your boat is equiped for, depending on consumption. By the time you add enough fuel, you may be getting to the weight limits of your boat.

    I know small crafts have accomplished the Loop with support with provisions and fuel.

    Most of the Loopers seem to be using trawlers and monohull houseboats, not pontoons due to rough waters. Maybe those who have accomplished this could chime in with better info in this thread.
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    Well, it was not necessarily the great loop, but a story of a small boat covering a lot of miles on the large rivers and some of the U.S. coast.

    4 months in a Sneak-Box..... now there is some adventure, and in 1879 too.
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    Thank you for that link to the book. I've read a couple of chapters in the past, but never had access to the whole thing.
  6. troy2000
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    Quite true about the traffic, depending on your timing.

    I used to motor a sailing dinghy up the Intracoastal from Ft. Lauderdale to the Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach, years ago when I was living in the garage of a house I was expanding and remodeling. Once out into the ocean I'd kill the outboard, raise my lateen rig and sail parallel to the coast, with fishing poles to port and starboard trolling for dolphin (mahi-mahi, to those of you in Hawaii or on the left coast).

    Some of the scariest moments of my life were on that short trip up the Intracoastal, when I was trying to steer between the crests formed by the clash of multiple big-boat wakes -- while keeping a weather eye out for drunks who might run over me in broad daylight.

    The solution to the problem, of course, is to stay the !@#$ off the water there on weekend afternoons and evenings, if you're in a small boat.

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    Here is the fantastic story of the Dalamar

    a small boat with twin 2hp honda's doing the loop

    I have read this fantastic story since day one with great envy
    shows what can REALLY be done in a small boat

    ONLY conclusion is that the motors should have been FIVE hp to overcome headwinds
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