New range of Bob Oram designed powercats

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Alan M., Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Alan M.
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    Alan M. Senior Member

    A high quality builder has recently launched the first of a new range of power catamarans designed by Bob Oram. At 55' and capable of 30 knots from twin 375 hp John Deere engines, this is an impressively efficient powerboat.

    Watch the videos.
  2. Nordic Cat
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    Nice looking boat, she seemed to "porpoise" a bit even in the very calm conditions in the top video.

    The transoms seem very low if you are going to use it for game fishing, and you need to back down on a fish in any kind of sea state. The aft cockpit could get very wet!


  3. Freenacin
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    I can't see any "porpoising". The boat seems to be riding very smoothly, just following the very slight swell. They did have a perfect day for powerboating though.

    Backing down on a fish would be a lot dryer than a mono, and they do get WET! The cockpit floor is well above the waterline (it's a cat, remember). The hull transoms might get wet, but so what?

    That performance out of that little power in such a big boat is very impressive. Look at the tiny wake(s) this think produces. Think about the wake a 55 foot semi-planing hull would be churning out.
  4. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Good Aussy design, I could name three in Qld. and of course there are many others in Aussy & NZ....

  5. u4ea32
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    30 knots / (2x375)/20 = 30/37 miles per gallon of diesel.

    If the boat was designed to be efficient instead of carrying as much junk as possible, it could probably get 5 times this fuel efficiency (iLan voyager).

    So its still a tank, just a bit less so.
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