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    How big could I make one of these? Turbine Vent

    If I could make a really big one 35 foot high, without the ducting on the bottom, out of individual sails or mylar and carbonfiber wings and I could trim with one control it would be really cool to hook up to a small pair of tugboat cycloidal drives. (Voith Schneider propeller ) It could just sit and spin an Eccentric cycloidial driven generator If you didn't want to go anywhere and generate electricity, or propel the boat with a cycloidial drive VSP and it would be like the thing on waterworld, but it can move any direction and might be really easy to dock and go gunkholing if it is built right.

    EDIT:: If I could put shiny black mylar sails up that would absorb light and turn it into heat I could use the column to heat up the air in the center and make my own miniature tornado. I'd make it like a jet engine if I could with sails like thin spinnakers spinning around the mast, heating up in the sunlight, I might be able to go faster than wind and be able to make all heading changes with the VSP as well as stabilize the heading.
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