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    New book on Metal Boats-Download for 12 bucks, or you can read the complete book for free on the "preview" section of the book.

    See book here:

    A do-it-yourself guide to metal boat repair and maintenance. Topic covered include, metal boat corrosion, metal preparation, interior rust, painting, extending the life of a steel boat, ultra-sonic metal thickness gauge use, changing hull plate and alternative methods of repairing metal boats. All presented in Scott’s east to understand language, giving you the tools to maintain your metal boat. Over 200 hundreds step by step photo descriptions to show clearly how to make permanent, inexpensive repairs

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    Here is the table of contents of Metal Boat Maintenance

    Table of Contents

    Forward 7
    Real Experience 8
    Rescue a steel boat 14
    Picking the boat to rescue 14
    The boat not to pick 15
    Pinholes 17
    Movable Feast 17
    Why repair this boat? 18
    Surveying the hull 22
    How long should a boat and paint system last? 22
    Ultrasonic Metal thickness gauge 24
    Picking a work location 25
    Metal boat corrosion 26
    Stray current (Electrolysis or Impressed current) vs. Galvanic Action 26
    Induced Current 27
    Testing for induced current 28
    Cavitation 29
    Crevice corrosion 30
    Erosion Corrosion 30
    Electrolyte corrosion 31
    How much zinc is enough? 33
    Weld on Zinc vs. bolt on zinc 35
    Zinc block placement 37
    Zinc bloc damage 39
    Galvanic action examples 43
    Aluminum pipe 49
    Diluted phosphoric acid 51
    Wood over metal 56
    Mysteries 58
    Performing a Corrosion survey on a metal hull 61
    Performing a Corrosion survey on a metal hull 61
    Tools needed 61
    Locating stray current 61
    An overall inspection of our project 62
    Buying a steel boat 63
    The answer 63
    The first rust hole 63
    Electrolysis hole in keel 64
    Stern patch 64
    Doubler plate 64
    Second skin 69
    Five year plan 70
    Deck Leaks 70
    The Five Year Plan 73
    Making a metal boat last 100 years 74
    Store the boat in fresh water 75
    Keep the salt water out 75
    Wash off the salt after a sail 75
    Fix interior rust sooner than later 76
    Search out ever dissimilar metal and study the effects 76
    Keep the hull zincs new and test voltages with silver half cell 77
    Search out any mill scale and eliminate it 77
    Don’t grind 78
    Remove rust and apply Amerseal primer at first sign of rust 78
    Expect to spend a good two weeks to a month a year on hull maintenance 78
    Build an easily removable interior 79
    Perform regular corrosion surveys 79
    Prepping the boat to begin restoration 80
    Sandblasting 80
    Soda Blasting 80
    Water Blasting 81
    Scraping 81
    Scable Gun 81
    Chipping Hammer 82
    Air Chipping Hammer 82
    Use of air chipping hammer 82
    Grinding 83
    Grinding tactics 83
    Big Reach 83
    Back Rest 83
    Cup Brush 84
    Flop disk 84
    A typical prep and paint system 86
    Painting 86
    Paint type 86
    Ameron Paint types 87
    Paint world consolidation 87
    Military surplus paint 88
    Rubber paint 88
    Aluminum Paints 89
    Red lead 89
    Zinc paint 90
    Oil based paint 90
    The most expensive paint? 91
    Things have gotten better 91
    Rust progression 91
    Steel- How clean is clean enough 92
    Applying the paint 92
    Spray 92
    Pressure pot 92
    Gravity Feed HVLP 93
    Ventura effect spray guns 93
    Airless spray 93
    Roll 93
    Over Spray 94
    Phosphoric acid treatment or not? 94
    The acid test 94
    How to rebuild a scable gun 95
    How to rebuild an air hammer 98
    How to remove a weld on zinc block when it was welded from the ends 99
    Welding and cutting gear 99
    Case Study#1 Cargo Ship 104
    Tricky water line stripe 109
    Case study #2-Photo essay of the strip, paint, test and repair of yacht Whatever 111
    Quick grinding 115
    Ultrasonic metal thickness gauge use 117
    Grid the bottom 117
    Verifying the ultrasonic gauge is working 119
    Base line test for ultrasonic thickness test 120
    Test #2 120
    Test#3 121
    Ultrasonic gauge reading through paint? 122
    Ultronosonic gauge limitations 123
    Measuring hull thickness behind a rib or stringer 123
    Alternative methods of checking hull thickness 124
    Tone tapping 124
    Rinse the acid 124
    First coat of paint 125
    Test the hull thickness 126
    Attach a ground to the hull 127
    Regular patch 128
    Marking the waterline 129
    Mixing Amerseal 129
    Rolling on the paint 129
    Apply first coat of paint 132
    Rub rails 133
    A rusty hawse pipe 136
    Bonding coat 137
    Fill coat 137
    Sand the fill 138
    Fill pro and cons 138
    Un-approved fill 139
    Burned paint 140
    Fixing interior rust 141
    Grease in paint area 146
    Mill scale 146
    Anchor repair 148
    Chain locker 148
    How to change plate 151
    Alaska bush method of plate change 153
    A (more) proper plate change 154
    How to add a through hull 158
    How to repair a rusted away stringer 162
    Patch or replace the port plate 162
    Time between paint coats 165
    Primer surface smoothness 165
    Painting the new steel work 166
    Welding a foamed hull 167
    Bottom paint 169
    Making bottom paint stick 169
    Secret bottom paint additives 170
    Painting the hardstand squares 171
    After thoughts and tricks learned after the job 173
    After the haul 173
    Care for your neighbors 173
    Cheap methods of boat cover 173
    Scaffolding 174
    Rolling stairs as work platform 175
    Welding the engine shut? 177
    Vinegar clean up 178
    Live aboard in haul out? 180
    What’s wrong with this photo? 181
    Pulling you’re your gloves 181
    Protect our body and health 183
    Fresh air supply 184
    Alternative methods of repairing steel 185
    Thicker Steel? 185
    Transducer failures 186
    Cement 187
    Tip-Removing poured cement 189
    Fiberglass over the bottom 189
    Wood 189
    Emergency steel repairs 190
    Chipped through the hull 190
    Sharpened bolt repair 190
    Splash zone 191
    Spray Foam 191
    Wet Patch 192
    Welding under water and in a puddle and the rain 192
    Appendix, notes, observations and final thoughts 194
    Amerseal 194
    Amerlock 2 194
    When does a steel boat leak? 194
    Paint thickness 194
    Steel boats should look like a steel boat 195
    PPG Ameron product data sheets 195
    Index 196
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