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Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by Outwith Jack, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Outwith Jack Junior Member

    Hi and thanks for the add.....
    I have a County Star 35 Broom on the River Shannon in Ireland, purchased in February this year and Ive just bought a 12ft O'sullivans row boat, that Ive started to repair. Hence; finding this forum whilst in a position where I know nothing !!!
    Hope I get to learn a lot about fiberglass, as the repairs continue.
    Here are pictures of my two boats.

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  2. Will Gilmore
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    Welcome, Outwith Jack.

    I'm certain you will soon become an expert in glass. These people know boats like nobody else.

    That's a beautiful part of Ireland you are living in. I once attended a dinner at Shannon Castle, having sailed a Shannon 50 across from USA. I was suffering from the flu at the time, but enjoyed it immensely, never the less.

    Welcome, it is good to have you join us.

    -Will (Dragonfly)
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  3. missinginaction
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    Well....first welcome to the forum.

    Two boats in 5 months....Nothing like jumping in with both feet.

    As Will said there is a lot of collective expertise here. I remember when I started a restoration back in 2007. I found this site, politely asked for help and the rest was history as they say.

    Before you jump into the forums you might want to use the search function. Almost always you'll find that someone, somewhere has had the same question that you have and the subject is covered in a past thread. If you can't find a satisfactory answer then by all means ask away!

    Be patient, keep an open mind and you'll be fine. Post a lot of photos. You're there but we're only virtual. We can only see what you post and sometimes pictures from more than one angle or perspective are helpful.

    Good Luck with your project,

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