new member from uk, intro help with design for RIB.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by shaun G, Aug 29, 2011.

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    hello all ...i,ve just registered as a member .I'm a novice in the boat building area ,but hoping to try my hand at it with the construction experience on building sites over the last 20 odd years i've gained .Ive done a lot of joinery and a bit of GRP on roofs,so i was looking to take on the building of a RIB made out of GRP.I would probably have to have this designed by some one because it needs to be a bit different from other boats and would be used commercially for a fishing business idea i have .(dream)
    The length of the offshore vessel would ideally be 10.5 meters x 3meters witout the tubes and be based on the hysucat design with a twin hull ,would like a raised bow ,small front cabin/wheel house.2x outboards .A pivoting extended A frame which could be hydraulic for lifting fish over the transom and a cargo weight of say 1500 kg.
    I have a few sketch's ,does any one know where i can get some drawings and calc's done for a budget price to start me on my way. regards shaun
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    I think the first thing you better do is become familiar with the Recreational craft Directive (RCD) which is the law governing the building of boats in the UK. If it's for commercial use then there may be Maritime Coast Guard Agency rules that apply.

    You definitely need to consult a professional designer if you are planning for this to go offshore.
  3. Lister

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    Offshore fishing is the most deadly profession.
    You want a catamaran, with two outboard, a full hydraulic power pack, lifting 1500kg with the crane over the transom, and don't want to pay much for the design and calculation.
    Are you for real or do you have to much to drink?
    The latter will be the more reassuring.
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    Welcome, Shaun. Do you think RIB is the most practical hull for commercial fishing? Have you researched new limitations placed on fishing boats by British law?
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