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Discussion in 'Materials' started by rasorinc, May 23, 2012.

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    Today I was talking to a welder I've used about heat welding plastic. He does not do it but told me about Fusor. A 2 part adhesive with slow, medium, and fast hardeners. 3 types, 1 for metal, 1 for aluminum, 1 for plastics. He has fixed fuel tanks using each one of these. A big puncture he fixes by cutting a backing plate out of similar material, puts on this 2 part adhesive lets it sit over night. Tells them to fill it up and he never sees them again. He swears by these products and we discussed many uses for them and he has had a lot. The adhesive is stronger then the metal, aluminum, or plastic. They are made for the automotive aftermarket and body shops use a lot of this in their repairs.

    Wanted to pass this on to the members here. Body shop supply stores sell it and I went to one and got a complete brochure. 32 bound pages.
    He went on an on bragging about the stuff. thats all.
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    Yep, a special set of formulations, with specific physical properties. Basically it's PC-7 or JB Weld in a disperser gun.
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    For Fuel tanks I like Marine Tex.
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    ITW Plexus is similar in composition, and is used more in the marine market.

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    let us know how it works on your radiator.
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