New mahogany runabout just finished

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Dale R Hamilton, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Hello so I was thinking of shrinking it by about 7 ft now it cinda sounds like a bad idea reson I liked this desigh was that it's a comfortable we'll handaling boat but if I'm going to reck that by reducing it in size I probaly shouldn't do it ? Cheers
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    Yeah, that's a 25% reduction and wouldn't be recommended. There are plenty of 18' - 22' runabout plans available. Pick up a set and make the aesthetic changes you need to get the styling you want, but leave the basic dimensions, weights and running surfaces unmolested, if you want it to handle right.

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    I was quite amused by reading these posts and the "Good Bad and Ugly" viewpoints discussed regards plans! For what its worth (not much I suspect) I thought a new viewpoint might spark fresh interest in the topic. I spend many hours reading up books on boat design and construction and have built myself various craft over a number of years. The latest is nearing completion and benefits from the knowledge imparted by those books and the sketch plans contained therein. With the benefit of such study and freely available information including that gleaned from forums such as this one, I embarked on my own project with the aid of some A4 copy paper and by fabricating a half mold model as was the practice many moons ago; before CAD etc. Now I don't want any salutary warnings from all in sundry yacht designers - I have not "stolen" my design - The design features are entirely "at my own risk" and out of my appreciation of what looks right - normally is right. Look at my design and feel free to use it to your advantage if you wish: Head for the Hills
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