New launch: Towing Bridle Force Calculator

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    TheNavalArch launches a new product!

    Towing Bridle Force Calculator

    This Excel sheet helps you calculate the force in each bridle line when the towed object is rotated at an angle
    It can be used for a standard case of single towline and a towing bridle comprised of tow lines (see figure on right)

    • Checks if any bridle line has gone slack
    • Calculates the critical angle at which the bridle line will go slack
    • Calculates the forces in individual bridle lines
    • Calculates the moment and rotational stiffness due to the towing force

    This spreadsheet can be useful in actual Towing Operations to calculate the forces in the towing bridle lines and to check if any of the lines is overloaded.

    For more info, please visit
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