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Discussion in 'Software' started by intotheblue, Jan 7, 2015.

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    i m new in maxsurf and I need some help..I ve reached my design into the point that I have to set up the grids... Is there any specific number I should use? The yacht I m working on is 22 meters and has 43 frames in total. Also later on that shows a table what are the details I should add? is it the lenght per frame? :confused:

    I m sorry I keep you busy with silly questions but I am totally new into this program! :(
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    Intotheblue when you say “set up grids” are you talking sections, waterlines and buttocks etc. or control points, columns and rows
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    also very good would be , just read the manual. maxsurf manual is very well written in good english ! just open the help file , you will have a lot of things very much clear like this !

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    In general, not just Maxsurf but with any other modeling software, you should try to define the hull with the fewest number of sections. Then, to better define an area you can add intermediate sections. Forget the constructive sections. When you have clearly defined your hull you ask the application to trace the constructive sections you need.
    The simpler the model, although reflecting all the details, the better.
    Maxsurf is very good software but is not the best one in modeling. It is normal to create the model with another software and export it in .igs format to Maxsurf.
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